Beats has updated its high-end Studio headphones after a 3-year hiatus. The updated headset - dubbed Studio 3 Wireless - can be purchased from Apple, as well as other retailers. The headphone is priced at $349.95 and is an upgrade of its successor as it is powered by Apple’s W1 chipset. The new Beats wireless headphones also feature redesigned internals, advanced noise-cancellation, and a longer battery life.

The new headphone

In terms of appearance, the new Beats headphone looks almost the same as its successor the Studio Wireless headphones or any other products from the company.

Primarily, the Studio 3 Wireless is a larger edition of the over-ear Solo 3 Wireless smartphone. The Apple subsidiary will be offering the new headphones in six hues, which include Matte Black, Porcelain Rose, Shadow Gray, white, blue, and red. The company claims that it has upgraded the ear cushions so as to make the accessory comfortable for the user for all-day usage.

While the external look of the headphones remains the same, the major changes take places under the hood of the device. As mentioned earlier, the device is powered by Apple’s W1 technology so that the user can pair the headphones with iPads, iPhones, and Macs smoothly without any glitch. Beats claims that as soon as the headphones are linked with an Apple product which comes with W1 chip support, the headphones switch over to wireless battery life which gives up to 22 hours of activity with noise cancellation on.

If a user wishes, he/she can stretch the hours to 40 by turning on the low power mode.

Beats states that if a user turns off the noise cancellation feature, the quality of the audio will not go down. Apart from this feature, the new Studio 3 Wireless headphones also feature Class 1 Bluetooth for long range connectivity. If the battery is low, the company claims that a 10-minute charge can give the user 3 additional hours of usage.

The product is priced at $350.

Has Beats upgraded its noise cancellation technology?

The noise cancellation feature is not a new addition to the headphones under the Studio brand name. However, Beats claims that the technology has been polished and enhanced and is now called Pure Adaptive Noise Canceling or Pure ANC. This upgraded technology has been incorporated in the new Studio 3 Wireless headphones, which keeps a check on the ambient noises and automatically adjusts the noise cancellation strength to reach the perfect level. The technology takes around 5 seconds to adjust the feature when a user moves from one environment to another.