AMD has been busy preparing for the launch of its Ryzen Threadripper series of GPU cards recently. The firm is focused on facilitating the requirements of ardent gamers. At the same time, the company also understands the importance of catering to the needs of professionals. In a similar effort, AMD has now officially announced its Ryzen Pro set of desktop processors.

The GPU is for commercial use

The company says that their latest lineup is specifically targeted towards enterprise and public sectors. According to a report by Fortune, the Line-up features enough power to provide the needed support of demanding activities of professionals.

The last time AMD announced chips specifically for desktop PCs, was towards the beginning of this year. They targeted the performance line with a revamped version of Vega chips. AMD CEO, Lisa Su made an announcement, stating that the company plans on retaining its position as the second best supplier in the graphic market, only after Intel.

The new line of microprocessors chips is going to help them live this goal. “Ryzen Pro” for commercial desktop workstations is going to hit the markets towards the end of this year. According to a report by Gadgets 360, multiple laptops including HP's Elitedesk 705 G3, Dell's Optiplex 5055 and Lenovo's ThinkCentre M715/Thinkpad A 275 and A475 are going to come powered by Ryzen Pro set of desktop processors.

The pricing of individual units hasn’t been made official yet. Additional details regarding the same are expected to arrive soon.


At the launch, AMD Senior Vice President, Jim Anderson spoke about how important this launch was for AMD. The latest line up is powerful, secure and reliable and provides a high level of performance for the commercial market as well, Anderson added.

On the specifications front, the line-up delivers 8-core/16-thread CPU performance. In comparison to Intel’s Core i7, which only equips 4-core/8-thread, it is much faster.

As noted by Tweak Town, the company has delivered satisfaction to consumers who require support for graphic-rich content, through its Ryzen 3, 5 and 7 set of GPUs.

They even took the wraps off Epyc – a chip that fits seamlessly into corporate and enterprise servers. The company is often seen in a neck-to-neck competition with Intel and NVIDIA. AMD takes on Intel in the consumer market and takes on NVIDIA in the gamer’s market. The firm is also focused on expanding its reach in developing markets such as India.