Amazon is reportedly looking to release two new Fire Tv models soon enough. AFTVnews in an exclusive report claims that Amazon is developing two brand new Fire TV models, both of which are capable of streaming 4K HDR quality video at 60 frames per second. While the first model takes the shape of a dongle, the second Fire TV model is a type of Set Top Box.

Amazon mid and top-tier Fire TV model

The AFTVnews report reveals that the first model resembles a dongle, which is permanently attached to a HFMI cable like Google’s Chromecast. The dongle is square and will be placed between the existing Fire TV stick and the new top-tier Fire TV model.

The other Fire TV model will come in the form of a cubical set top box and will be the flagship model for Amazon’s Fire TV line-up. The flagship Fire TV model will house an inbuilt speaker, long distance microphones, along with an LED lit light bar.

The function of the LED light bar is similar to that of Amazon Echo Dot, which is used to interact with virtual AI Alexa. Apart from these capabilities, the new Fire TV model also comes with an IR emitter for controlling the television and other audio/visual equipment.

With the release of these two Fire TV models, the line-up will have three devices. The existing Fire TV stick will serve as the most inexpensive device, while the cube-shaped set top box will be the flagship model. It is rumored that the dongle-shaped mid-tiered Fire TV model will be powered by a quad-core processor clocking at 1.5 GHz, as well as deploy a Mali-450 MP GPU.

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The device would also house 2 GB of RAM and is likely to come with 8 GB of native storage, similar to all the older Fire TV models. The technical details regarding the top-tiered Fire TV are still under wraps. However, the AFTVnews report claims that the flagship Fire TV device will be a single device carrying out the functionalities of an Echo Dot, a Fire TV, and an IR Emitter. The video streaming device will be acting as a Harmony Hub.

New models' price?

According to the exclusive report, the dongle-shaped mid-tiered Fire TV model will likely be released in October this year. This device is expected to be priced between $60 to $80.

On the other hand, the flagship model of the device could get unveiled this year or may get delayed to 2018. Given that it acts as a Harmony Hub and performs an array of functionalities, it can be assumed that the device will be priced above the $100 mark