iPhone X is not the only reason why consumers are looking forward to Apple’s September 12 keynote. The company will also be bringing the third-generation Watch and a 4K-supporting TV to the table. Well-known developer, Steven Stroughton-Smith has discovered a code in IOS 11, which reveals key details about all of the upcoming Apple products. The list obviously includes the much-awaited 4K-capable TV.

According to Tech Radar, the company unveiled iOS 11 at its WWDC conference back in June this year. The firm made its developer beta version available almost immediately, with the final version to follow soon.

Thanks to this, the market was able to guess the kind of changes the latest software upgrade will bring. As time passed by, developers started digging deep into the complicated coding of iOS 11. This led to a discovery of many important details.

Apple's speculated 4K TV

The Tech Radar report notes that this isn’t a significant revelation as such. But the leak definitely serves as a confirmation that there is – in fact – a 4K Apple Tv on its way. Online streaming platforms such as Amazon, Netflix, and HBO (among others) are working on updating their systems. This is being done so that they can support Apple’s upcoming innovation. Unfortunately, the pricing bit about the product is not known yet.

Apple is expected to hold the launch event on 12 September at the Steve Jobs Theatre, Cupertino. The event starts at 10 am (PT) or 1 pm (ET). Interested readers can also watch it online for free on Apple’s official YouTube page. The company will be seen taking the wraps off iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and a third-generation Watch.

There are a lot of other exciting things awaiting us. It’s just a matter of a couple of more hours, and all will be known then as Tim Cook takes the stage to deliver the keynote.

The rumored specs and features of the Apple's 4K TV.

The latest one – discovered by Steven Stroughton-Smith – suggests that the Apple TV is going to feature a native resolution of 2160p UHD.

Smith also claims that one will require an Internet Speed of at least 15Mbps to stream on the next-generation television. The leak also revealed that the new box would support all kinds of HDR formats. This list includes Dolby Vision and HDR10. If this turns out to be true, then the consumers will be able to view crisper, real life-like content on their television screens without much trouble.