Chinese players are doing very well in the smartphone market globally, and Strategy Analytics’ latest Report is proof to that. The firm recently published their latest research, which went on to reveal that Xiaomi’s global smartphone shipments seem to have increased a total of fifty-eight per cent year-on-year by the end of second quarter, 2017.

Xiaomi is among the top five smartphone manufacturing brands that have made to the ever-growing list of profits.

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Xiaomi is further followed by other brands like Samsung, Apple, Oppo, and Huawei as well. However, Xiaomi’s achievement especially is quite triggering as the device-manufacturer has hardly been exploring other markets, apart from its home ground China.

Samsung's position

As far as the other companies are concerned, Strategy Analytics claims that Samsung has managed to secure the first position once again, followed by Apple, whose growth has been pretty impressive too. These companies are again followed by Oppo and Huawei, who has managed to make its uncertain future filled with success towards the end of the second quarter of 2017.

Xiaomi is believed to have made such an achievement through the help of its recently-launched Redmi 4A smartphone. The device managed to garner much of its popularity especially in its developing market, India.

Xiaomi considers India to be among its top priorities because the country has been promising potential consumers’ market since time immemorial. Most of the market share that Xiaomi has at the moment is mostly accredited to Xiaomi.

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The other companies that have made it to the list include Micromax and Lenovo as well.

Strategy Analytics made a statement, wherein they spoke about how despite the fact that Hugo Barra (Company’s former global president) quit, the Chinese technology giant has managed to bounce back with much vigor. Xiaomi is expected to make a whole lot of more profit in the upcoming months, as the company is also expected to introduce its much-awaited successor, Mi Mix 2.

Mid-Range category smartphone

As far as Samsung is concerned, questions like where they made most of their profits are very easy to answer. The South-Korean technology giant has been making profits ever since this year began. With the launch of its flagship devices such as Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus clubbed with the introduction of smartphones like J7 and J7 Pro that fall into the mid-range category, it is quite obvious that the company secures itself a first position towards the end. Given that they are also expected to introduce the Galaxy Note 8 smartphone, they will continue to retain their first position – a threat that Apple must not take lightly.