Xiaomi unveiled the next generation User Interface MIUI 9 along with the launch of the Mi 5X and Mi AI speaker. The company took to its official Weibo handle and revealed that the MIUI 9 would be pushed to Mi 5 smartphone on August 7. The official post explains that the new interface will be tagged as experience version. When it comes to the Mi 5x smartphone, the MIUI 9 will be loaded by default.

According to MyDrivers.com, the new user interface will be made available to the Redmi Note 4X and Mi 6 smartphones from August 11 depending on the region. Moreover, the reports indicate the fact that 11 additional Xiaomi devices are slated to receive MIUI 9 update on August 25.


Early update push

Even though the Xiaomi Mi 5 was scheduled to receive the new update after a while, the company has decided to pull the plug and make the new UI available. The main reason for the change is attributed to the fact that Mi 5 is one of the top selling premium handsets and the customers deserve special treatment.

List of handsets

The MIUI 9 version will be the Chinese beta version and hence to receive the update; it is necessary to register for the Beta program running on the official MIUI forum.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi also disclosed that several variants of the Mi brand such as 5, Mix, Note 2, 5s, 5s Plus, Max, 5c, Max, Max 2, 4s, 4c, 5c including Redmi 4Xwill get the required update on August 25.

Talking about the budget-friendly smartphones such as Redmi 2A and Redmi 1/1S, Xiaomi will roll out another round of update by the middle of September. However, we don't have any official confirmation about whether the estimated time frame is for China or other regions globally.

That said, by the end of 2017, the Xiaomi smartphones all over the world will receive the required update of the new user interface. However, we can soon expect the availability of the ninth edition of the MIUI for select International smartphones such as Redmi Note 4.

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New Features

In addition to the smart app launcher, the MIUI 9 also features an ability to search images, smart assistant, picture-in-picture mode, smart advert filter, redesigned dock bar including significant improvements to the system. Moreover, it also ships with an enhanced haptic feed including CPU acceleration. Based on Android Nougat, the split-screen functionality infused with the MIUI 9 enables you to run multiple apps on the same screen.

Xiaomi usually delivers new updates in both stable and developer formats.

The developer updates will be refreshed regularly once in a week. However, the stable updates are made available only after the completion of the testing and quality control process.

Going forward, we can expect the integration of MIUI 9 in all the Xiaomi smartphones. The recently released Xiaomi Mi 5X features a 5.5-inch FHD display, Snapdragon 625 processor, 4GB RAM coupled with 64GB internal storage. If the device is eligible, a message notification will be displayed. It is also possible to manually verify the presence of the update by navigating to Tools|Updater menu option from the home screen.