Microsoft announced that it was making the world's most powerful console and now it is close to being released to the public. The Xbox One X console is set to arrive on November 7 for $499 and bring about a different, satisfying gaming experience.

However, despite the console already about sold out at many major retailers, there are many reasons and new evidence that shows that the system might not be for everyone.

The report

An article written by Sam Byford via The Verge lists reasons why the console might not be suitable for all gamers or not be for a person in general. The article gives credible information on how the console functions and big underlying reasons for how it will not be enjoyable for everyone.

The article reports on the certified power that the console truly holds. It is an impressive powerhouse, but not much more than that. The article goes into the details of why, "It's the sleekest Xbox yet, far more compact than not only the Ps4 Pro but the slimmed-down regular PS4 and Xbox One S as well." So, it is a grand achievement in how it looks and it does have an impressive design.

Although the article lists the other underlying issues. It states, "The problem isn't the box, or even what's in the box, but how what's in the box is used." The problem is with how the console can be used.

Price and performance

The article goes into how not all games run at true 4K and the problem is that if a customer or gamer does not have a 4K television, the console proves useless. A 4K TV is necessary to showcase the power of the system and buying a quality one can be pricey.

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The Xbox One S is a lot cheaper and does the same job ideally. It is about $150-200 less than the latest system and the graphics support 4K Blu-Ray, HDR in games, and 4K Netflix. It is at a much lower price for doing some of the same things as the Xbox One X.

The graphics are nice on the system, however, some games do not show a significant difference. Games like "Middle- Earth: Shadow of War" and "Assassin's Creed Origins" do not showcase the power of the system and the differences are subtle.

Sony's success

Sony has gotten the better of Microsoft, so they are hoping to bounce back with the debut of the new console. The PlayStation 4 has been doing incredibly well too, and there will be many anticipated exclusive games arriving onto the system next year. In addition, there have been classic PS2 classics added to the online store.

Buying a PS4 or other variations can still be a better option because of the many exclusive games and convenient pricing. The article points this out in fact by stating, "The PS4 Pro came out a year ago at $100 less than the Xbox One X.

The PS4 is a considerably more popular platform than the Xbox One." And this is very true because the PS4 Pro is able to play 4K quality too and it is a more popular console.


The other problem with the Xbox One X is that it is a great system with supreme power, but without many exclusive games to play. The best game played as the article states was, "Forza Motorsport 7" that showed true 4K quality. The game is beautiful and runs at 60 frames per second.

The main issues also are with the Xbox One X's high price, low exclusive games, and for doing the same things as other systems. If a customer has the money and already has a 4K TV then it is the right console for you. Although, it is smart to just buy an Xbox One S for a much lower price and for getting the best of both worlds.

Microsoft has indeed built a powerful console, but it is hindered by many issues and other quality consoles on the market. Hardcore Xbox fans will be buying the console, but others can just wait for a better console to arrive. It might just be for the best.