One can’t imagine making a major purchase with $100 these days, especially given how increasingly advanced everything has become in such a short span of time. In a technologically-driven world such as the one that is going on right now, it has also become hard to imagine a day without gadgets. That does not necessarily mean that all gadgets come at a hefty price. The market is flooded with affordable options that not only add to the user’s knowledge but even help them spend their time, having fun. A lot can happen with just $100 – take a look at the top cool gadgets that one can buy using $100:

Samsung Gear Vr, The VR headset comes at a low price of $40 and is among the toughest competitors in the virtual reality market.

Users are promised a VR experience of their lifetime through Samsung’s Gear VR. However, interested buyers must note that the headset is only compatible with roughly six Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Chrome Ultra, Most of the smart-homes these days are equipped with 4K televisions. It remains undeniable that 4K streaming is leading in the market of content-viewing platforms. What would really add to the 4K-viewing experience is Google’s Chromecast that comes at a meagre price of $70. The gadget is designed in a way to enhance the user experience to view content on their televisions.

Amazon Echo Dot price and specs

The big names in the world of smart-home speakers are Amazon, Microsoft and Google. However, Amazon is known to offer users cheaper, more affordable options. Take for example its Amazon Echo Dot, which comes at a price of $50, and promises to deliver an all-encompassing digital assistant experience that will take care of all the daily household chores there possibly can be.

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Amazon Kindle price and specs

Any book-lover’s ultimate digital dream – Amazon Kindle is priced at $80 and comes loaded with millions of books that the users can read through. There are a number of other features such as dictionary, vocabulary builder and others that the users can use to their benefit through the e-book reader.

Olloclip, The device comes at a price of $50 and is designed to enhance the image-capturing experience of the users. The best part about it is that the gadget comes in numerous colors, which make it blend with the iPhone devices perfectly. These budget gadgets are cool, and promise to enhance one’s everyday technology-related experience at an affordable price.