Apple recently announced the update for iOS 11, the operating system is out and available for beta testing. The OS is said to run on the iPhone 8, but there will be a disadvantage because it is not for the average user. As per Telegiz, users could experience issues that might cause a substantial problem.

iOS 11

The good news is that Apple has an option to downgrade the operating system in case anything goes wrong. It might be worth a try to update and get the feel of iOS 11. For those who are not satisfied, they could always go back to their previous version.

Apple might launch its Beta 3 or 4 next week. Once they make progress with their next update, there will be no problems identified in the previous beta releases.

iOS 10.3 Jailbreak

Rumors have been swirling that the Jailbreak for iOS 10.3 might be out in August this year. The jailbreak tool is believed to be compatible with iOS 10.3.1, despite the fact that it is said to be out, according to multiple sources like Luca Todesco and Taig -- people are putting their trust in the Pangu team. Pangu is known for breaking the iOS, as they have already cracked many versions in the past.

The most important thing to remember with iOS 11 is that it will kill the 32-bit mobile platform. Even if the jailbreak tool is available, the previous versions will not reap the benefits of the solution.

The latest update is said to run on the iPhone 5S and above -- this also includes the iPod sixth-generation and iPad mini 2 and above.

The official release for the iOS 11 is slated for September, but Apple has given an option for its users to download and check out the Beta Version. Users have the option to update iOS 11 through Apple's iOS Beta program.

However, first, they need to create a backup of the current operating system through iTunes or iCloud.

Once the backup is created, the next step is to hit the Preferences option in the menu bar, then select the devices tab, right click and select Archive. The backup will be safeguarded. The most important step is to backup the SHSH2 blobs before the iOS is updated.

For those who have a paid developer account, they have the advantage of getting iOS 11 before public beta users. Most of the iPhone users are depending on Pangu to bring out its jailbreaking tool. The Chinese programming team has managed to produce several jailbreak tools for the iOS platform. There might also be a few changes when the public Beta is available in June.