The unveiling of the LG V30 is right around the corner and reports on Friday revealed that it might share the stage with its Plus version. According to Korean IT News source, ET News, the LG V30 Plus will be part of the launch happening at the end of August. The upgraded version of the smartphone is said to be exclusive to South Korea and will share some similarities in features with its standard counterpart.

Details on the V30 Plus

Compared to other "Plus" competitors such as the iPhone 7 Plus and Galaxy S8 Plus, the V30 Plus will not be upgraded in size from the standard V30. According to the report, the set of upgrades is expected to include an internal storage of 128GB, a higher quality audio system, and wireless charging.


Having twice the size of internal storage is definitely a plus for potential users. In fact, it may just draw the line between which between the regular or the upgraded V30 version will be considered by consumers. As for the audio system, the previous V10 and V20 have been flag-bearers in this department. It is interesting how LG will showcase this on both versions considering the V20 received a lot of praise for its Quad-DAC audio support.

As for other specifications, both phones will have the same screen size as well as the Snapdragon 835 processor from Qualcomm. The RAM capacity, battery life, cameras, and IP68 dust/waterproof rating will also be similar. With regard to pricing and availability, the report from ET News gives us some insight.

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Prices for the V30 and the V30 Plus is said to be £540 and £670 respectively. Both phones will be released on September 15 in South Korea.

Earlier this week, news broke out that Samsung may have accidentally pre-empted the launch via the HITRECORD production company led by actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The platform, which is primarily designed for creativity and collaboration, showed a video featuring an LG smartphone with bezel-less display and thinner measurement. It also gave a glimpse of the dual camera and a fingerprint sensor at the back of the handset.

A Samsung Note 8 rival?

With the V30 phone series to be released on September 15 in South Korea, it has also been rumored that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be launched on the same day in the same country.


Should this simultaneous launch materialize, it would be a first for the gadget giants. Further, it is an indication of LG's confidence to compete against Samsung's much anticipated next-generation Note.

By comparison, rumors say that the Galaxy Note 8 will have a screen size of 6.3 inches, upgraded dual-lens camera, a battery capacity of 3,300mAh, and a Snapdragon 835 chipset for the US version. The tag price is definitely set pretty high as well. As usual, the Note 8 will also have a stylus.

These two high-end brand phones belonging in the same price bracket is likely to go head-to-head at launch, at least in South Korea. For what it's worth, it is not a very long wait from now. Samsung will first take the US stage with its Galaxy Note 8 launch on August 23 while LG takes its turn on August 31.