Ahead of the launch confirmed to happen in August, Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 further builds the anticipation and excitement surrounding its much-awaited debut. As people attempt to put together the pieces of many details from various sources, here are a couple of updates just in.

FCC Certification and specs leaks

The Federal Communications Commission or FCC is an independent agency based in the United States. It is responsible for monitoring communications via televison, radio, satellite, wire, and cable. This is the authorizing body of the United States for communications law, regulation, and technological innovation.

Recent reports say that the Galaxy Note 8 has already achieved its certification from the governing body.

The handset allegedly carries the code name of SM-N950, the very same code names similar to the previous Galaxy Note devices. Being a high-end smartphone, it is also reported to gain certifications for all major carrier bands in the United States. It follows the flagship lead by the Galaxy S8, which was released earlier this year.

The Galaxy Note 8 will continue the brand's fascination for bezel-less design with greater infinity display. It will either run on Snapdragon 835 or Samsung's latest Exynos 9 series chipset. The storage capacity boasts a 6GB of RAM and 128GB internal. In addition, it will sport the same features found in the Galaxy S8 such as the fingerprint sensor, iris scanner, and camera sensor.

Further reports mentioned the presence of a Bixby button as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Samsung stock rises

The latest update focuses on the rise of the Samsung stock prices wherein the Galaxy Note 8 launch is credited. Investors are big fans of big businesses and product launches such as this one significantly impacts stock performance.

With many regarding the handset to be one of the most successful smartphone launches in the history of Samsung, it seems like the company could use the advantage to market their flagship ahead of the iPhone 8.

Another competitive advantage would have to be the price since the smartphone could cost much less than the iPhone 8.

Here we have a phone that can match up with Apple's flagship for a much lower price. All these great news building up about the Galaxy Note 8 closer to its launch date contribute to the company's stock price. Being the biggest stock increase that is yet to come, the only way the company could go further up is through the Galaxy Note series.