It was late 2016 and debate was brewing in Canada over a proposed addition to their Human Rights Act. The new bill (C-16) would extend the protection of the Human rights act to cover "gender identity and gender expression." The goal of this amendment would be to protect transgender (and other gender expressions) from discrimination in schools and the workplace. Sounds great right? Who could possibly take issue with that? Certainly only bigots?

Enter Jordan B Peterson.

Following a rally against the proposed bill, armies of social justice warriors surrounded Jordan Peterson outside the U of T campus.

The corresponding video of his interactions with them would go viral virtually overnight, rocketing Jordan into the internet stardom reserved for Anti-PC / Anti-SJW godhood.

After his nearly overnight internet fame, Jordan would go on to participate in several debates over the bill and even appear before Parliament.

Jordan's arguments against the proposed bill resonated with many across the internet. Those who are tired of constant "policing" and limits being placed on Free Speech. In the United States, free speech is protected by the 1st amendment of the constitution. However, in Canada (and most of the world) they lack anything similar to our Bill of Rights.

But what was Jordan's argument? And what was the reason for the backlash he received from progressives and leftists on campus?

If he could stand up and oppose a bill that sought to protect a marginalized group, he must be some sort of "nazi". Right? At least that is what his enemies claimed.

But why?

A quick search on YouTube will result in hundreds of hours of Jordan. From lectures to guest appearances on popular podcasts (such as Joe Rogan), it takes only a few minutes of listening to this man to realize he in an intellect on another level.

So why would such a brilliant man take a position that could be potentially harmful to his career? Mr. Peterson is not only a well respected professor of psychology, he is also an experienced clinical psychologist. Could a man with hundreds of clinical hours under his belt really be so callous and cold?

Jordan's argument is one of authoritarianism vs libertarianism.

He argues that laws like bill c-16 are forcing compelled speech. In other words it about controlling the speech of others and thus is contrary to concept of free speech. Specifically the bill would effectively force teachers and employers to use someone's preferred pronouns by threat of potential monetary fines. In New York City a similar bill was passed in which the city recognizes 36 different gender pronouns despite the fact it remains uncommonly used language. He warns of the dangers of collectivist ideology and how evils of the past (like those committed by the soviets and nazis) started with similar justifications. He does not argue that this particular bill would be the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back, but that is one step down a "slippery slope".

A lot to learn

I was one of the many who became fascinated by Jordan's videos on YouTube. I began to consume any and all content available. While many were focused on his videos pertaining to c-16, I became even more interested in his other videos. In the viral video that started it all, Jordan mentions that he has hundreds of hours of content online.

Peterson is a pioneer in the future of education. He has full lectures on a plethora of topics ready to view online and for free. Some of the most fascinating lectures are on Karl Jung, romantic relationships, and even a series of lectures about the psychology of the bible. The bible lectures are based off of his book Maps of meaning, and delve into the psyche of biblical writers and offer logical explanations for the stories therein.

But it doesn't end there. Jordan B Peterson has even announced his plans to open his own online university.

I find myself consistently fascinated by the thoughts and words of this man. I would conjecture that anyone reading this article regardless of one's political views could stand to learn something from Jordan, or in the least discover a world of different well thought out ideas and arguments. There is possibly no other man who can so eloquently explain the complex mind of Karl Jung in a way that any simpleton could understand. There are few who can command an audience's attention while breaking down the inner workings of the human consciousness; who can give you the play by play as to how a person can justify objective evil and commit sins against his fellow man.

Jordan destroys the concept of moral relativism that has become popular in the modern age. He makes a brilliant case for the innate morality that he believes exists deep within our subconscious minds.

In closing, I ask you all you watch a few of his videos and see for yourself why he is possibly one of the most brilliant minds in modern academia.