Facebook revealed that it would release a new app meant for people who create a lot of videos for the social networking sites. The company officials confirmed the launch of the app at the annual online video conference, VidCon, but did not reveal a release date of the app. The new app is being touted as an update to Facebook Mentions, which is already a functionality available to verified account holders, such as celebrities, journalists, and online influencers.

Facebook’s new video creation app

Facebook Mentions is the place where Facebook first introduced the Facebook Live feature back in August 2015.

Mentions is basically a lighter version of Facebook with three tabs namely the Trending tab, the Following tab, and lastly a Mentions tab. However, according to Facebook product director Daniel Danker, the new app will mainly focus on the content creators themselves.

It was also revealed that the app would let creators connect with their audience at an all new level and would allow them to build a community to tell stories that are authentic, personal, and social. Danker spoke during the “Future of Facebook Video” panel at the VidCon event.

What the new app will feature

Facebook revealed that the new app to be launched in the future will still have access to Facebook Live but will also come with a new set of live creative tools, including various tools which can be used by video creators.

For instance, creators will now be able to use features such as adding customizable intros and outros to even their live broadcasts. Custom frames can also be selected by the creators, while the viewers will be afforded the use of custom stickers.

The updated app will also add a new tab to the already existing three. The new tab will be named Community and will give a broad range of information about the creator and his followers.

Creators will also be easily able to connect to the people in their community using either Facebook itself, or Messenger, and Instagram. The Community tab will also enlist who the followers are of a certain creator and also detail how well the videos being posted by that creator are being received by the followers.

Facebook has been trying to evolve its reputation as a site where people come to watch videos, similar to the likes of YouTube.

This updated new app for Facebook Mentions is also a step in the same direction, wherein Facebook wants more video content to be posted on its site so that both the creators and the company can profit from the greater amount of traffic flow. However, there has been no word yet as to when the update will roll out to the creators.