Samsung’s next fitness watch has surfaced in a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) listing. This could mean that the next-gen wearable could be unveiled at Samsung's Unpacked event in New York on August 23, where the South Korean tech giant will be officially announcing the much awaited Galaxy Note 8.

According to Android Headlines, the FCC listing debunked previous rumors and speculations that the Samsung next wearable gadget will be dubbed the Samsung Gear Pop.


The discovered label documentation made it known that the fitness watch will be named the Samsung Gear Sport. Nonetheless, the listing only showed Samsung Gear Sport’s schematic bottom as the tech company requested for the rest of the documents to be kept under the radar.

New wearable with Tizen operating system

Aside from that the back of the Samsung Gear Sport has been revealed, the next Samsung wearable device is expected to arrive with a Wi-Fi and a Bluetooth.

Samsung gear smart watches - CCX2.0 Kārlis Dambrāns | Fickr
Samsung gear smart watches - CCX2.0 Kārlis Dambrāns | Fickr

Considering that Galaxy devices run on Android and Gear devices run on Tizen operating system, the Samsung Gear Sport is anticipated to run on Samsung's own Tizen.

Beyond those details, the Gear Sport remains a mystery. There is no indication as to whether the wearable device will be a simpler fitness tracker or a full-fledged smartwatch. But, the moniker of the device could hint that it would have an expanded sports focus beyond the tech company’s previous wearables.


While Apple has shifted its wearable toward fitness, Samsung’s next wearable device might help maintain a certain level of competition between the major companies.

Expected designing of the device

In terms of design, the device might be different compared to the previous Samsung wearables. It will have a square-shaped face with curved edges. According to Digital Trends, the new wearable is expected to have a smaller body and thinner straps compared to the company’s Gear S3 and Gear Fit 2.

However, the device will likely arrive with a great battery life. The new Samsung wearable could be a mix between a smartwatch and a fitness tracker.

Nevertheless, there is also a possibility that the tech company will announce the new wearable at another Unpacked event right before the IFA 2017 event, which will transpire from September 1 to September 6. This could definitely happen as the company launched a new-gen of Gear devices last year.

Meanwhile, the tech titan is busy preparing for the Galaxy Note 8’s official announcement.


The specs of the Note 8 phablet have been leaked, as well as the possibility of its worldwide release on September15.

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