With the unveiling of Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 happening later this month, a report from Android Headlines suggests that it may not be the only device that will be introduced to the public. The news source recently spotted an FCC filing from Samsung. The document did not exactly detail whether the device will be a smartwatch or a Fitness Band or perhaps, both. The Korean tech giant thrives on innovation and is known for experimenting with new things. This upcoming Wearable Device is no exception.

FCC entry

Recently, news of a rumored smartwatch from Samsung carrying the model designation SM-R600 came out.

Although previous speculations believed it would be a branding labeled Samsung Gear Pop, the FCC database documents the model as the Samsung Gear Sport. Based on an image for the device's FCC ID, it shows that there are a few squarish cutouts on the back, which could be used for heart rate sensors. Although most of the features are not mentioned in the listing, it does confirm the device's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Details of the official launch and/or sale have not been revealed. However, the FCC listing is an indication that it could happen soon -- as early as the company's upcoming event, Unpacked. It is set to take place on August 23 and is expected to focus on the Galaxy Note 8.

Considering it is the next major event for Samsung, there is the possibility of unveiling another gadget. Coincidentally, the launch date is exactly a year from the announcement of the Samsung Gear S3. With that in mind, we may be due for a new smartwatch.

A fitness band and smart watch hybrid?

It does not come as a surprise that Samsung might invest in the fitness tracking trend for its next wearable.

It is a good business strategy that will put the company on par with its competitors. With Apple and Fitbit working on incorporating this offering into technology, Samsung plays it smart by following suit. In fact, in comparison with Apple, the move makes a lot of sense.

Apple has refocused the Apple Watch around fitness and a few other upgrades.

Samsung's Gear watch lineup, on the other hand, is known for its more fashionable look. The latter's effort to tailor its new model to exercise would definitely put it in competition with Apple. Consequently, it will attract more consumers. Should the company push to release a more fitness-focused watch, it is likely that it will also introduce the fitness style for its other devices. For now, it's a matter of hoping and waiting for the announcement to confirm everything we know so far.