Looks like a good news for smartphone enthusiasts who have restlessly been waiting to get their hands on Samsung's new phablet, the Galaxy Note 8. Thanks to the Note 7 fiasco, the upcoming phablet will effectively succeed the Galaxy Note 5.

The Galaxy Note's huge fan base has been clamoring for a new device and with the arrival of the Galaxy Note 8; the South Korean handset maker will finally be answering their prayers.

What to expect?

However, it remains to be seen whether or not the upcoming device meets the expectations of the Galaxy Note fans.


No doubt, the Note 8 has what it takes. Let's take a gander at three aspects Forbes' contributor Ewan Spence believes Samsung should lay emphasis on to turn a solid performance into a dramatic accomplishment. First off, let's take a look at timing.

Areas to focus

Samsung continues to be aggressive as far as its scheduling is concerned. Despite the fact that the Note 8 is not slated to be the first in the contesting order for the late 2017 flagships, it is without an iota of doubt the first with the potential to garner huge success.

The upcoming phablet is likely to set the bar quite high.

The main contender for the Note 8 will be Apple's equally anticipated 10th-anniversary smartphone, the iPhone 8, which continues to remain under wraps.

Meanwhile, Samsung will be taking the Galaxy Note 8 to Berlin IFA trade show letting the world’s tech press get their hands on the long-awaited smartphone. Interestingly, this will occur even before the iPhone 8 is announced, and there's a possibility that Samsung will begin pre-order before Apple's CEO Tim Cook takes center stage.


In other words, while consumers will still be struggling to pre-order an iPhone 8, they will be able to purchase a brand spanking new Note 8 at the store without breaking much of a sweat. Thus, it is imperative for Samsung to extend this window to lure a considerable number of new customers.

Multiple leaks, on the other hand, gave us a peek at exactly what the Note 8 will offer. The phablet packs an array of awe-inspiring selling points, particularly to the enterprise market.

The European models will reportedly include dual SIM support in order to boost the device's utility.

Moreover, it will come with MicroSD support that enables users to expand the phone's storage and work away from a desktop for longer periods. The device allows you to backup data and carries files securely.

As if that weren't enough to sweep Galaxy Note loyalists off their feet, there's the S-Pen, which separates the Note 8 from rest of the Galaxy range as well as a myriad of other Android devices.

It acts as an interface when it comes to taking notes, but that's not all. The S-Pen opens up additional functionality in TouchWiz, which gives the Note series an edge over the Galaxy S series for those who asked for a device that lays emphasis on productivity.


No prizes for guessing, the third aspect is the size of the device. With a massive 6.4-inch display, the Note 8 surpasses the larger variant of the Galaxy S8 i.e. the S8 Plus as far as real estate is concerned, but more shrinkage of the bezels creates an image of the relatively larger device.

In the meantime, Apple is reportedly gearing up to adopt smaller bezels for the purported iPhone 8; however, the device is expected to sit somewhere between the 4.7 inch and 5.5 inches iPhone 7S models, meaning, the Note 8 is going to hold sway over the phablet landscape.