You may have noticed that the new MacBook Pro is a bit controversial because of the lack of the USB type-C, for the MacBook Pro. There have been a number of remedies to tackle the problem of the deficiency of ports in Apple's new laptop. Many products have come to rescue the situation, including micro USB hubs, docks, and dongles. However, today we have got something different and better.

The MacBook Pro 'Dock Case'

Dock Case for the new MacBook Pro is maybe the best solution so far if you are willing to add additional ports to your device in a more conventional way.

The Dock Case for the fifteen inch MacBook Pro will let you connect your device through plug and Play. Plug your Mac Pro and all the missing Ports in the Dock Case and enjoy a hassle free time. The product is actually a case and a Dock in one, as it can be seen from the package.

The package of the product indicates that the Dock Case will give you additional ports for your MacBook Pro, including an Ethernet, HDMI, multiple type-C connectors, a couple of USB 3.0's, an SD card and a macro SD card slot too. The side view of the product box shows that the product is in quite slender case.

You are probably going to have a case for your laptop anyway, so why not to get some Ports along with it? After all, you are probably missing them on the new MacBook Pro.

Only if you are a hardline believer about single cables will you possibly prefer not to use the new feature.

However, whatever kind of person you are, this Dock Case will convince you to bring this device under your MacBook Pro. The Dock Case for the new MacBook Pro is currently available in a beta version.

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The Dock Case: Inside the box

Opening up the product box, we see a leather case, a connecting cable, and a user manual. It is important to use the right cable and preferably the one provided with the product because not all of these cables are created equal. Therefore, when you try to connect some other HDMI cables to certain displays, some type-C cables do not work properly.

So, what you need to do is to place your laptop on the case and plug the cable to connect both and then you will have access to all of the extra Ports. In order to connect and use it properly, you must read the user manual provided within the package.

An indicator will tell you whether the case is connected properly or not. The Dock Case is like a portfolio because it is very handy to fit anywhere and does not require any specific space. The product is simple but obviously functional and it can be termed to be a "win" for MacBook lovers.