There will be a lot of happenings on the 21st day of August this year. It is not only the total solar eclipse that would be visible from North America. In this day, Android O, the next version of the widely popular operating system from Google, will be unveiled to the public. The official name of the Android O will also be announced this Monday next week.

The Android O

The beta testing of Android O was finished last month, and it is time for the final product to be distributed to the public. And to make a memorable debut, the latest version of Android will be unveiled at the same date of the Solar Eclipse.

The information was tweeted by Android Police managing editor David Ruddock.

If you're asking for a "name" spoiler of the new Operating System, still not much is known about it. Ruddock mentioned in his series of tweets that the Android O will not have a "random name." It seems like the name would have some degree of spectacle that will make fans wonder until the time of reveal.

If this leak is true, the Android O would be released earlier than several of the previous Android builds. It can be noted that last year, Android 7 Nougat was launched on August 22. The first devices that received the updates back then were Nexus 6, General Mobile 4G and Pixel C. As surprising as it is, Google's phone Pixel will receive its Android O later than the other phones.

The update for Pixel has been pushed back, according to Ruddock.

New features of Android O

New features include Notification Dots, Picture-in-Picture, and Autofill. And as per the general releases, the Android O will be having security improvements and patches from the safety issues of the last Android build. There will also be a smarter text selection that will feature machine learning algorithm which decides and selects only the relevant text to be copied.

Notification Dots will show a notification of an app after a long press. Autofill feature is now not limited to Google Chrome, as new updates will let the user Autofill forms inside an app. Picture-in-picture will be used more on video playback.

There will also be new Google products available in this release. One of the new Google products is the Google Security which will help to secure the smartphone.

Another Google product called Google Play Protect will also be introduced. Google Play Protect will scan apps and take control of background apps. This will tighten security measures and will also dampen energy use by the background apps.