Google is preparing to come up with the new version of Android. Earlier this week, Google made an official announcement stating that the company will be taking the wraps off its Android 8.0 or Android O software upgrade on August 21, thereby putting all the rumors to rest. As most may already know, the announcement is coinciding with the day when Total Solar Eclipse will emerge.

There isn’t any specific reason as to why Google decided to make this announcement at the same time as the total solar eclipse.

However, popular leakster, Evan Blass recently took to Twitter to suggest the possible name of Google’s upcoming software.

Evan Blass from VentureBeat, also known by his Twitter handle name, Eveleaks, posted an image on Twitter that showcases an Oreo in the form of a solar eclipse. This picture is accompanied with a caption that reads, “Happy Eclipse.” Even though, this doesn’t necessarily confirm that the Google software will be named ‘Android Oreo,’ what is known for sure, is that Google’s upcoming software upgrade will be called a word that starts with ‘O.’

Features of the upcoming OS

Google has apparently made pretty visible changes in its upcoming software upgrade.

The primary highlight of Android O will possibly be its notifications system. Users will now be able to enjoy being alerted by their apps through the means of organized and efficient notification channels. The more important alerts will be given more priority in comparison to the less important ones. The upgrade also comes along with security and bug fixes. The overall Android user experience is expected to improve exponentially with the latest upgrade.

Launch plus other details

Google usually introduces its software upgrades to its smartphones first. Therefore, the company’s Nexus and Pixel devices will probably be the first ones to receive the Android O update. Following which, the upgrade will be available to all its other partners including Samsung, Nokia, Sony, OnePlus and others. Google first spoke about ‘Android O’ at its 2017 I/O conference.

The upgrade is expected to be massive, given the date (Total Solar Eclipse) that Google has selected to unveil its upgrade. The company is also heavily rumored to be working towards the launch of its Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 devices, that are supposed to be introduced sometime in November this year. Stay tuned for more news and updates on technology.

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