huawei’s growth these past years continues to spike up. The Chinese multinational company slowly eases out other tech giants. Their products are not as heavy on the pocket but pack a slew of impressive features nonetheless.

Apple’s minimal growth

Apple may be the most popular brand of smartphones these days. At present, it is known as the second largest Smartphone producer across all countries. They have single-handedly revolutionized the way the public sees hand held phones. A majority credit their iPhone for starting the smartphone trend a decade ago.

A recent report released by Canalys showed that the Tim Cook-led Silicon Valley company only grew by 2% for the second quarter of 2017.

This was in comparison to the same quarter records from last year.

Huawei close behind

On the same quarter, Huawei’s performance was miles away. They grew by 20% compared to 2016’s numbers. The rising player in the smartphone industry sold a total of 38 million smartphones in this period. That amounts to a difference of only 3 million units from iPhone’s sales of 41 million.

Samsung continues to take the lead with 79 million. The Korean company continues to stay at the top with their impressive worldwide shipments. While they remain to have the most in sales, analysts quickly point out their minimal growth compared to 2016. Their consistent performance is admirable, but the flat growth could be detrimental to their operations in the future.

Analysts comment the smartphone industry might begin to show even tougher competition.

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This can be attributed to the growing sales of the smaller players in the market.

Other growing players

Fellow Asian companies Oppo and Xiaomi posted exponential growth. Oppo launched their competitive mobile phone R11 Plus a month ago. Meanwhile, Xiaomi launched three phones in the past months including their Redmi line of phones.

Compared to their 2016 sales, Oppo and Xiaomi grew by 44% and 52% respectively. The two Asian underdogs prove to be quite the brands to look out for.

Successful smartphone industry

Overall, the smartphone industry continues to enjoy an upward trend. Manufacturers shipped and released a total of 340 million units in the second quarter alone. Compared to 2016, sales spiked by 2% this year.

Consumers happily have a multitude of brands and features to choose from. With new models and high technology upgrades, there is something for everyone. With the entry of new players in the market, all budgets can be accommodated as well.

Top 2 spot: Huawei or Apple?

Evidently, Huawei’s performance slowly edges out Apple.

Analysts wonder if this trend will continue. Additionally, discussions abound if Huawei has the capability to grab the second place spot from Apple in the coming months.

The year 2017 proves to be a crucial year for Apple considering it is the 10th anniversary of their flagship product, the iPhone. iPhone leaks and rumors continue to spread. Apple neither confirms nor denies these and keeps the anticipation brewing.

The most-awaited smartphone can make or break Apple’s standing for the rest of the quarters this year. As early as now, companies gear up and prepare their strategies for the fourth quarter. The holiday season is busiest for this industry.

Certainly, Huawei is on Apple’s heels. Their performances are not far apart. For sure, Apple sees the Guangzhou based company as a close competitor. The P10 and Mate 9 sell well across Africa, Europe, and Asia. These Android phones elevate Huawei’s position in the market. These plus new releases could be Huawei’s key to gaining the coveted number two spot.