Huawei handed out today the official invite for the grand launch of its latest smartphone, Mate 10. The giant phone maker from China boasts that they will introduce a handset that is “worth waiting for.” Spoilers have also floated, showing the alleged leaked renders of the new smartphone is sleek and flat.

Invite details

The grand launch is set on Oct. 16 in Munich, Germany. The company did not disclose much information through the invite, except for the date and venue of the event. The invite also has a “10” design in the background and carries the line “Meet the device worth waiting for.”

Alleged leaked renders uncover the design

Spoilers also revealed the design of the upcoming Mate 10. The renders for the new handset has allegedly leaked, claims a Weibo user.


Looking at the renders, the screen of the new device has super thin bezels with round corners. The back looks flat as well, which suggests that the company has shunned away from the curved back panels of its previous models.

A vertical dual-lens camera can be spotted on the back panel, located in the top center. The camera shows a Leica brand marking. A fingerprint sensor can also be seen below the camera.

What has been previously revealed?

In a previous interview with Bloomberg, Chief of Huawei’s consumer division Richard Yu revealed that the upcoming Mate 10 has a full-screen display. The leaked renders seem legit as it agrees with the official statement of Yu.

Furthermore, Yu also mentioned that the new smartphone would be a “more powerful product,” aiming to compete with Apple’s upcoming anniversary iPhone 8.

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The chief detailed that they are coming out with an outstanding device that has longer battery life than the other existing products in the market.

Yu also shared the new handset features more improved photographic capabilities. It also comes with quicker changing speed, and other undisclosed features to rival the next iPhone.

In the interview, the chief emphasized that their plan is to produce high-end devices. They are willing to let go of the cheaper models due to the very small margin, which is not bringing in profit to the company.

Huawei is now the third leading smartphone manufacturer in the world. The Chinese company aims to surpass the domineering Apple and Samsung this year by targeting to ship up to 150 million units, which is a significant increase compared to last year’s 139 million units.