The market is already aware of the fact that Huawei is earnestly working towards the launch of its upcoming, next-generation, high-end flagship smartphone and successor to last year’s Mate 9 – the grand Mate 10. Since the CEO of Huawei made a ground-shattering statement, wherein he made a direct challenge to Apple’s yet-to-be-announced iPhone 8, the technology market, in general, is genuinely looking forward to what the Mate 10 has to offer in terms of design and specifications. While the leaks and rumors have already given away a vague idea of what can be expected in terms of what comes inside the device, the world doesn’t know exactly what the smartphone will look like on the outside.

Recently, a YouTube user created a Concept of the upcoming Huawei Mate 10 on the basis of the leading rumors and speculations and it undoubtedly looks ravishing.

Smartphone spotted online

The video was posted online, and it revealed the savvy look that the Mate 10 is so heavily-speculated to carry. According to several reports, the Mate 10 is expected to be available for sale exclusively through AT&T at first. Coming back to the video, the smartphone seems to be carrying a bold yet sleek look and a completely bezel-less front panel. The device sports antenna lines that are located towards the bottom of the handset on the front end, along with speakers on either side of the handset.

Specs and features

The smartphone also comes with the support for a USB Type-C port, and a dual rear camera setup on the rear panel. What is interesting is that the smartphone in the concept video is showcased to be equipped with a dual rear camera setup on the front panel as well – which indeed, falls in line with many of the leading rumors floating on the internet at the moment.

Apart from this, the device is expected to come with the support of all the modern-day technologies including Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 3D viewing as well as 4K-content streaming as well. The fingerprint scanner sits on the rear panel of the smartphone, right next to the camera module. The smartphone is expected to arrive in five primary color variants, namely Gray, Dark Blue, Bright Red, Green as well as Violet.

Readers are advised to note that the concept showed-off in the video is merely based on the leading rumors and speculations and thus, it is still not known whether the smartphone will indeed come featuring the same specifications.