Google recently announced that it will be adding a new feature on Google Maps and Mobile Search for Android users. The feature is called Q&A. It will allow users to ask questions about a certain place or location. Users can also answer other person’s inquiries, and it is very simple. According to Engadget, the Q&A feature will be located at the local business listing's search results card under the name, address, phone number and other details.

How does Q&A feature works?

When a Google Map user will leave a question, Google will directly ping the business owners so they can answer the inquiry.

Users are going to be notified if there is an answer to their questions. Google is implementing a voting system that is quite similar to YouTube. The purpose of the voting system is to limit other substandard responses. Users can read the replies and click “Thumbs Up” button if they find the answer useful. With this feature, users do not have to scroll all of the replies, because the highest-rated responses will be found on the top of the pile.

The new Google Map Q&A feature is expanding the company’s existing efforts to bring more user-generated contents to the application. It is also more interactive compared to the past additions on Google Maps, and it is quite interesting to see how users and business owners will use the Q&A.

What is Google Search Lite?

In other news, Google is testing a “Lite” version of its Search application. The Search Lite is meant for users that are located in areas that have a poor or slow internet connection. The new version gives a lighter and more focused version of Google Search. It also takes a little data consumption.

The application is currently under testing in Indonesia. The Search Lite is free to download on Indonesian Google Play Store.

According to a report from Android Police, Search Lite users can search for things by typing or speaking. There is also a translate function, Google News section, and local information like weather and businesses.

The Search Lite brings all of the information in front of the user in the form of grid icons quite similar to a home screen filled with applications

The regular Google Search, on the other hand, starts with a search bar and quickly turns into a photo-rich experience with animations that pope-up as the users scan the page. The Search Lite is more data-friendly, and it also supports offline features using less data. It also takes much less time to finish tasks.