Google’s former senior vice president of engineering Vic Gundotra prefers Apple over Google. Gundotra who was associated with many of Google’s projects, notably the Google+, was also a part of the company’s mobile phone division from 2007 to 2010.

According to a PhoneArena report, Gundotra, who is now the CEO of AlivCor is of the view that Apple’s smartphones capture better photos compared to Android ones. He uses an iPhone 7 and stated that the pictures that are taken with the handset are great and almost have a DSLR-like image quality. However, according to PhoneArena, when an Android user stated that even Samsung Galaxy S8 took photos of the same quality as the iPhone 7, he explained why that is not possible.

Former Google SVP backs iPhone over Android smartphones

The ex-Google employee believes that as Android is an open source platform and is bound to remain “neutral to all parties,” Android-powered smartphones cannot come with a great camera as opposed to Apple’s handsets.

According to him, the problem lies in the OS being an open source one. He states that all looks well and good from above, but, as one delves deep inside, that is when the problems start cropping up. He went on to give examples of Samsung providing an array of photo options that will not only create chaos in the system but also confuse the user. He stated that many a time people get confused whether to use the Android camera or Samsung camera, or whether to go for Google Photos or Samsung Gallery.

Gundotra also stated in a series of Facebook posts that it will take Google years to bring in innovations that other OEMs’, such as LG, Samsung, and HTC have already implemented via appropriate APIs.

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He also pointed out that Google’s computational photography level, which is required for all mobile cameras these days has gone down in recent times. On the other hand, Apple is not limited by such issues and can implement all the upgrades it deems necessary into its iPhones. This can be achieved with the roll out of a simple firmware update.

Contradictory statements from Gundotra

However, despite the former Google SVP’s reasons and explanations, his current statement regarding the photographic drawbacks of the Android system contradicts his own famous statement. Less than five years ago, when he was still with Google, Gundotra said that the company was committed to developing Nexus smartphones with “insanely great cameras.” In hindsight, he kept his word as with the arrival of the Nexus 6P, Google finally brought some great cameras to the Nexus lineup.