Apple is expected to unveil its next batch of flagships in the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s variants. Though many are eager to see the redesigned iPhone 8, the iPhone 7s is expected to come out with some changes of its own.

The iPhone 7s is the last variant to come out with a TFT-LCD screen as the Cupertino company slowly shifts to OLED display technology. Aside from that, it is expected to carry most of the features the iPhone 7 came out with.

The expected features

Among the features that the iPhone 7s is expected to carry include the advanced biometric security features, a power-packed chipset, the solid state home button and redesigned antenna lines.

Speaking of antenna lines, rumors are floating that the iPhone 7s will come with a glass back panel.


This may account for a thicker device though its intent is actually to provide improved wireless charging to users.

According to German blog Giga Apple, the iPhones will be 0.1 mm thicker than its predecessor. Take note that this does not include actual external cases used to safeguard the device further.

If the next Apple flagship is indeed thicker, it stands to be bulkier and likely heavier. This could turn off some users, particularly the ones who place a premium on feel and weight. With most of the attention on the iPhone 8, this could be a problem.

Apple’s marketing pitch

If a bulkier iPhone 7s does come out, Apple’s marketing team can easily justify that with the right marketing pitch.

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That all starts with the reason behind the glass back panel, meant to keep the phone juiced up with wireless charging.

The thicker iPhone 7s is unlikely to become an issue with male users. The same cannot be said with the female consumers who often look for a lighter device to carry along.

Apple has not touched on the alleged glass back panel claim as of this writing. Also, there is the issue of whether all devices would come out simultaneously. However, a recent report from claims that the iPhone 8 will have to deal with delays, something tied up to production issues.

There is a possibility that the iPhone 8 may be available but in limited quantities. If this stands up, impatient users who have been aching to upgrade their phones may be left with no choice but to consider the iPhone 7s or 7s Plus.


For those eager to get the iPhone 8, a sensible recourse is to wait until Apple has properly stocked up its supply. The only hitch there is the waiting game of getting the redesigned Apple flagship.

As things stand now, a wise move could be to see first what the iPhone 7s will have to offer. Though most expect minimal changes, it may turn out to be a wise buy over a more expensive iPhone 8.