ASUS has a something new in store for gamers who are looking to buy a new, but inexpensive, gaming monitor. Named the ASUS ROG Strix XG27VQ, this will be the latest in the line of curved-display screens from ASUS. It has a 27-inch display and will be capable of high refresh rates.

ELMB for sharper action scenes

It's obvious that the monitor was intended to be used for gaming, as it will have AMD's Freesync technology, as well as a new technology called "Extra Low Motion Blur" or ELMB.

The monitor has also some cosmetic features. The Rog Strix XG27VQ model will be one of the first to have the ASUS RGB lighting on its back panel, along with a customizable signature light at the bottom panel.

This could add to the aesthetic of the system one is trying to build, as one can match them with the lighting on the tower case housing the motherboard.

ASUS has introduced curved displays on their monitors before. However, the models that have the feature were always on the high-end of the model line, like the ROG Swift PG348Q which was released in 2016. In addition, all of the curved-display monitors that the company has released so far had a consistent diagonal measurement of 32".

With the release of the new Strix, the company expands its family of curved monitors for a price range that is even more accessible, albeit at the cost of a smaller screen size. This is a continuation of the company's efforts to release inexpensive curved-display monitors, which started with the ROG Swift PG35VQ — a model that had quantum dots, HDR, and a 200hz refresh rate.

Two new curved-display models

The ROG Strix XG27VQ is actually one of the two new models that will be joining the ROG lineup, with the ROG Swift PG27VQ. The two have some things in common: they both have 27" displays, a dynamic refresh rate technology built-in, and both have the aforementioned Aura RGB lighting on its back panel.

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The new Swift is more advanced however, as its native resolution is 2560x1440, compared to the Strix's 1920x1080. The Swift also has an overclockable refresh rate of 165hz, while the Strix can support only up to 144hz.

Not much else is known about the newest Swift model at this time, but it is expected to be have better specs, and will therefore cost more.

However, the Swift PG27VQ will not be available on the market until sometime later. Being that its price tag will be considerably more expensive, gamers could settle for the newest Strix instead — which is not bad for an entry-level, curved display gaming monitor.

The ASUS ROG Strix XG27VQ is available for $349.99. It can be pre-ordered at Newegg or Amazon.