The third-generation Apple Watch is going to launch this year, suggests a new TechRadar Report. This was backed up in a report by Macworld, who wrote that we can "expect the Apple Watch Series 3 to come out in the autumn of 2017 - most likely September 2017, one year after the Series 2." Apple analysts have predicted the smartwatch’s possible specifications, and have even claimed that the wearable will be introduced along with the iPhone 8 in September.

The device is almost ready to launch

According to a report published by TechRadar, the smartwatch has already arrived at its final stage of testing.

The report cites information coming from Quanta Computer (Apple’s key suppliers). The sources at the manufacturing unit suggest that the smart wearable is almost prepared to enter mass production, reported Chinese publication, Economic Daily. The Economic Daily report even goes on to state that Apple will launch its Watch 3 in the fourth quarter of 2017.

Here are the specs and features

However, there are rumors of a delay that suggest the market won’t be seeing the device before October or December at least. This isn’t the first time that a report of a possible delay in the launch of Apple products has surfaced online. A speculation that surfaced online earlier this year claimed that Apple Watch 3 LTE variant might even be introduced next year.

At the same time, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities – who is known to predict Apple’s future plans about its products with 100 percent accuracy – claims that both the Watch 3 varaints, LTE and the normal one, will go on sale this year. According to what he has to say, the wearable will be introduced alongside the iPhone 8 in the month of September, and will consequently be put on sale a few weeks later.

There are widespread chances of Apple holding a special launch date for its Apple Watch 3, although that hasn’t been confirmed yet.

One of the primary highlights of Apple’s Watch 3 this year is their LTE variants, which support 4G network connectivity as well. Users will no longer be required to connect their iPhone devices to their smartwatches to receive or make a call.

The Apple Watch will have a SIM card of its own, and users will, therefore, be able to make and receive phone calls easily. This feature is especially being introduced for the fitness community, who like to leave their smartphones and tablets at home when they go out for a quick run or a jog. The smartwatch will also come with several other exciting features, that will enhance the user experience. Stay tuned for more news, rumors and updates on technology.

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