Xbox is one of the best gaming consoles in the world right now. It has dominated the gaming industry alongside PlayStation for many years. Microsoft is going to launch its Xbox One X Gaming console at the Gamescom, 2017 event scheduled to take place on August 20. The pre-orders for Xbox One X are scheduled to begin on the same day, as well. According to what Xbox Chief, Phil Spencer has to say, the upcoming gaming console is going to come with support for viewing content in 4k resolution, with as high as 60 frames per second. This undoubtedly takes the entire gaming experience to a whole new level.

Specs, price of the gaming device

As reported by TechRadar, the Xbox One X is going to come with top-end specs, as far as gaming consoles are concerned. The device will come equipped with 12GB DDR5 memory and will be compatible with all kinds of modern-day technologies. The primary highlight of the gaming console is that it will come with support for 4K resolution. In comparison to other consoles, which only output 1080 pixels HD, the Xbox One X is going to be much better. The gaming console is expected to come at a price of $499. On the design-front, the console is going to look a lot like the Xbox One S. Microsoft is expected to debut one color variant, Space Grey with its Xbox One X. The device might be accompanied with an additional 4K Blu-ray player as well.

However, whether that will carry a price of its own or not, is something that isn’t known yet.

Device is going to be better

The gaming console is going to come equipped with two physical buttons, one that will be carrying out functions of touch-capacitive power, while the other one will perform the function of ejection. Another primary highlight of Xbox One X is its GPU.

The gaming console will be powered by six teraflops of graphic performance, which further consists of 40 compute units that run at a clockspeed of 1172MHZ. Microsoft has upgraded its Xbox One X to DirectX 12 graphics API, thereby improving the system’s performance by at least 50 per cent.

Mike Ybarra, the leader of the Xbox One X project, at the company’s recent E3 presentation made an announcement, thereby confirming that the gaming console will consist of an extra 1GB of RAM for developers.

While it may seem like a small amount it really isn’t and comes into use especially for gamers. Stay tuned for more news, rumors, and updates on technology.

Tech Radar did mention one downside. They wrote, "Here's the bad news: since Xbox One X doesn't come bundled with a VR headset – at least not one that Spencer mentioned – expect to spend an additional $600-$800 (£499-£689) for one."

Stay tuned for more news, rumors, and updates on technology.

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