Renowned application AirBnB is arranging the perfect experience during the August 21 total solar eclipse. Airbnb offers an inspiring view of the eclipse in Oregon, complete with a lodging setup, a master sky photographer, and an expert astrophysicist.

The application partnered with National Geographic to bring selected individuals to participate in a sky event dubbed as the “Great American Eclipse” for a breathtaking experience, their official website stated. Airbnb has prepared a complete accommodation package for them, and they will be joined by a NatGeo astrophysicist and a master photographer with their company.

Airbnb's ultimate August 21 eclipse package is going to be awarded to one lucky winner, who can then bring a companion of his or her choice, to participate in what the website called as the most inspiring experience during that night.

In a report on Today, the app is offering a geodesic design dome in Oregon complete with a single bedroom and single bathroom for two. The package also includes an exciting itinerary for the winner.

Experience of a lifetime

The Airbnb package features the main attraction for the package winner.

It is an experience of a lifetime that even long-time eclipse enthusiasts would go after, the official website said.

Winners will reportedly start the day flying a Private Jet over the Pacific Ocean. The flight is said to last for two hours, which include a sight of the eclipse reflection “on the cloud bank below the plane.” This is the view that many would wish to see at least once in their lifetime, the app website noted.

The itinerary

The official website of Airbnb provided a summary of what awaits the winner of this package. They will be taken to a secluded place in Oregon where they find a geodesic dome surrounded by telescopes and observation decks. They will reportedly stay here for a night before witnessing the eclipse the next day.

The location is reportedly in Smith Rock, set against the landscape of Oregon. Smith Rock is said to be a famous place for hiking, rock climbing, and camping.

The app also provides them with a National Geographic astrophysicist and internationally acclaimed scholar to share her insights on the total solar eclipse. She is Dr. Jedidah Isler, the first African-American woman who received a Ph.D. in Astrophysics from Yale University, the website added. Dr. Isler is joining the winner of the package for an intimate dinner.

Along with the astrophysicist is also a National Geographic professional science photographer Babak Tafreshi, present to teach them how to take the perfect shots of the eclipse, the website noted further.

They will spend the night with these two experts, Airbnb shared.

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