The ideas of installing implants and chips inside or on humans have been seen in science fiction and fantasy movies and stories so far. However, this bizarre idea may soon turn into reality and is better than it sounds. One firm is thinking big in terms of employee satisfaction and is considering fixing small implants on its staff, which would take care of their daily authentication routine at work.

Implant to take care of all authentication process

The Three Square market in Wisconsin is about to become the first company in the United States to implant microchips on its employees.

The company is of the mind to implant Rice-sized microchips working on radio frequency identification onto the hands of the workers for free, which will enable them to authenticate any electronic action within the office premises. The small chip costs $300 and will permit a user to sign into computer systems, open doors, and even purchase food. Given that it is voluntary and free, 50 employees of the organization have signed up for the experiment to become a human credit card ready to swipe into action!

Companies will be getting their own microchip, says company executive

Although for many this may look like a dystopian nightmare the Patrick McMullan an executive from the Three Square Market is of the belief that with time many companies will get on to this bandwagon and come up with their own chip.

McMullan further stated that this space on the international market is yet to have any major competition. Thus the company which established itself first is bound to go for the maximum market share in this arena.

The Three Square Market was inspired by the “bio-hackers” in Sweden where they have been implanting willing participants with microchips for the last three years.

The firm is working with BioHax, a Sweden-based company, to develop, manufacture, and deliver this new technology which The Three Square Market considers as just another method of identification and payment. The firm maintains that instead of a phone, cash, credit or debit card, the person would pay the same with the help of a rice-sized microchip inserted between the person’s finger and thumb.

Reaction of the employees

While the idea of inserting a chip no matter how small on one’s body part may seem disturbing or even nightmarish to others, the employees of the Three Square Market have no such worries and have complete faith in their company’s innovative idea.

According to Tony Danna, the VP of Three Square Market, nearly 50 out of 85 employees at the firm’s headquarters have put down their name down to get the chip inserted on their finger. While many have wondered if they can be tracked with the help of the chip, Danna states that the implant does not come with GPS abilities, thus tracking someone’s whereabouts is an impossible feat.