The thing that makes humans different from all other animals, is the innovation. When it comes to the innovation, humans are second to none in this world. At the first step, we discovered wheels and designed horse carts. Then we replaced the horse by cars. Now with the introduction of Automation, humans are looking to replace themselves from the job fields. Well, still this idea can be considered as a constructive innovation. As automation has helped to reduce the production time and at the same time, increased the productivity as well. However, standing at the dawn of the new generation automation, it can be said that, we may lose few of our jobs to this innovation.

Today, we shall have a look at the jobs we may lose to the automation.

5. Driving

When it comes to the Transportation Industry, driving is such a job profile which plays a very significant role. From the local cab drivers to the aeroplane pilots all have importances in this industry. However, it looks like, it is a matter of time before the transportation industry gets completely automated. With the introduction of platooning technology, self-driving is included in the many cars. Companies like, Google is taking initiatives to spread this technology. Simultaneously, e-commerce companies like Amazon are using drones in order to deliver products. Therefore, it can be said that automation may leave an impact on the transportation industry.

4. Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing industries are providing jobs to the people since the early nineteenth century. However, now it looks like, the introduction of automation can reduce the job opportunities in this sector. Since 1981, about 6 million people have lost jobs in the manufacturing industries alone. The robots which are used in the manufacturing industry can cost $8/hour.

Therefore it is more efficient when it comes to increasing the productivity.

3. Farming

There are about 50 percent people in the world are related to farming related jobs. However, when it comes to the developed countries the numbers are dropped to 4.2 percent. It is mainly due to the introduction of automation in the farming sectors.

With the latest technology introduces, it is expected that by the year of 2050, the production of vegetables will be increased by 50 percent and it is mainly due to the automation.

2. Lawyering

It may sound odd to many people but it is true. Automation can be introduced to the next gen lawyering. Different technologies of the automation can be used in order to solve many cases. It is expected that the introduction of automation will definitely help the lawyers in order to figure out the truth and justice.

1. Oldest profession in the world - the sex industry

Now we come to the oldest profession in the world. the sex industries also will be in the domain of automation in the future. The introduction of sex robots will play a very vital role in the sex industry in the near future. These are the main jobs which will be in the domain of automation in near future.