The new Hyundai i30 N is all set to make its grand debut this Thursday, July 13. Car analysts say this new hatchback is one of the hottest models to launch this month.

What are the revealed specs?

The upcoming Hyundai i30 N will be offered in two tune levels: the lower-tune and the Performance Package. Both will run with a 2,0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, front drive system. Both will also come with a six-speed manual as for the initial offering. In addition, the two variants weigh about 1,450 kg and have rev-matching on upchanges and downchanges, which can also be turned off by just clicking a button located on the steering wheel.

The lower-tune #i30 N sports 18-inch wheels and an open differential wheel. This model can deliver 184kW of power and 380Nm of torque.

On the other hand, the Performance Package variant has 19-inch wheels, bigger brakes, bi-modal exhaust, better seats, and electronically-locking limited slip differential. It promises to deliver 202kW of power and 400Nm of torque.

What do car analysts say on its first drive?

The Hyundai i30 N is one state-of-the-art hatchback. It is equipped with the latest technology advancements, all in just one click of a button.

There are two buttons placed on the steering wheel for the driver to navigate. These buttons will adjust the car to turn into a Normal, Sport, N and Custom modes.

These buttons will also be used to adjust throttle responsiveness, bi-modal exhaust, steering weight, active damper rates, ESP calibration and computer-controlled locking differential.

The performance of the new i30 N has amazed the car analysts as they hustle through very a challenging circuit. While doing so, the driver was also given the freedom to reach maximum speed.

The new Hatch offers strong traction on the front-drive and a lot of grunts. It also provides excellent feel and stopping power with its impressive brakes.

The new i30 N offers great comfort too with its lovely seats. This aspect will threaten the comfort of the #Toyota86 seats.

Speaking of its rival, the new hatchback can also compete with the #FocusRS.

The loud, bubbling sound of the exhaust and the snapping on the overrun of the former sound similar to the latter.

With regard to clutch and gear change, the i30 N offers the usual Hyundai feel. It may not give high satisfaction to the driver, but will do just fine.

Meanwhile, Hyundai Motor Europe has recently posted a new clip teasing the soon-to-be-launched i30 N. The teaser video reveals the headlamps and exhaust design of the new hatch. It also highlights the growling sound of the new model, boasting a superfast car is about to make its grand debut this Thursday, July 13.