The Upcoming release of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update marks the end of the iconic image-editing application Microsoft Paint. The application, together with other functionalities and tools are currently on Microsoft’s chopping block on the upcoming Windows 10 update.

The reason of Microsoft Paint’s end

According to the official update summary that Microsoft released today on their website, the image-editing application is now officially being classified as a deprecated feature. This means that the application is now inactive regarding development and the likelihood of its removal in the future updates is pretty high.

The image-editing tool is currently included in a list of features and applications that Microsoft deems underutilized and non-functioning programs. However, they also stated on the official update summary that the list is still subject to change and may not include every deprecated feature or functionality. As of now, the purpose of the list is to help the customers consider the removals and deprecations for their own planning.

Microsoft Paint has been a big part of Windows Operating System since 1985 during the 1.0 era. And alongside the Operating System and its other features, Microsoft Paint also continued to develop its tools and functionalities throughout the years. Many users who grew up with Windows desktops have most likely used it extensively, be it for cropping a simple image, painting, funny image compositions, or screenshot editing.

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And despite the popularity of the more advanced image-editing programs like Photoshop or Corel Photo-Paint, Microsoft Paint’s simplicity still has its charm which can be seen on the rise of the Meme culture today.

Enter the Paint 3D

Despite the Fall Creators Update marking the end of the iconic image-editing tool, Microsoft looks to be putting most of its effort on the current Windows 10 application called Paint 3D. Microsoft released the new application in October last year. Paint 3D, despite its considerably more advanced tools and functionalities, also incorporates most of the original Microsoft Paint features. This further cements the reason why the image-editing tool is now getting axed in the upcoming Fall Creators Update.

Despite being tagged as an official deprecated program, Microsoft is still yet to release an official time and date of when they plan to remove the application from the Operating System completely. Still, the upcoming Fall Creators Update does signal the setting of the sun for the popular classic application.