It’s finally happening. Game developer, Deck 13 is officially done working on the latest game from Lords of the Fallen dubbed, "The Surge" and is ready to debut the same on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gaming platforms next week. The latest version of "The Surge" is expected to arrive with several features including HDR, 4k resolution and 60fps in 1080P mode.

Demo version will be out

Deck 13 reportedly took to their official Twitter platform to make this announcement. Readers are advised to note that the upcoming PS4 and Xbox One [VIDEO]versions will be demo versions only. Since the game developer hasn’t made any date official, it is still hard to guess exactly when the demo version will come out.

Several reports via DualShockers suggest that it is still unknown whether the game will come with any additional updates or extended support for the aforementioned gaming platforms.

The game will come in November

The official version of "The Surge," is expected to premiere in November. As can be recalled, the original version of ‘The Surge’ was first made available for sale back in May. At that time, the game was introduced for PS4, Xbox One and PC gaming platforms. The game was quite impressive and reflected newer ideas that were filled with adventure. The game developer is since then, expected to update its gaming series with newer adventures and features. The upcoming patch is apparently going to come packed with multiple tweaks and bug fixes that will greatly enhance the overall gaming experience.

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Apart from this, the update is also going to allow users to avail several customizable options that can enable the game to get tweaked as per the gamer’s preference. For instance, the new FOV slider option will be going to fix one of the leading problems faced by the user wherein the game’s character was constantly meeting death after opening the security door.

Apart from this, "The Surge" is also expected to come packed with several security fixes. For instance, users no longer need to be worried about a staggered state interruption the game’s character. Moreover, the gamers will also be able to discover their enemies at more occasions. The upcoming update also comes properly updated with a new UI FX state. Gamers will now find an easy time switching between injectables in the game itself. The complete list of the update is available on the game developer’s official website. For more information regarding the same, the readers can check out their website.