There are many rumors regarding the hardware and looks of iPhone 8 and, thus, the information seems already obvious, despite the release of the iPhone 8 is scheduled for the beginning of the September. Let's talk about the key parts of the latest innovation by Apple.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the expected iPhone 8 is supposed to be its OLED display, something adding to both the iPhone 8's rumored greater cost and paused launch.

The Display of iPhone 8

For the new iPhone 8, Apple has decided to introduce an OLED display and not an LCD.

This new type of display has a much larger size than the previous 5.5 display and therefore occupy almost all of the front. Another advantage of the OLED display is the non-battery consumption when the screen is black colored (standby mode).

One of the many new features in this screen is True Tone technology that will change the temperature according to the outside light.

Camera and battery

Always according to the rumors, the camera of this new Apple's iPhone will have a dual rear camera of 12 megapixels and the sensors are positioned vertically and not horizontally like most other smartphones. In addition to the sensors, the new camera will be equipped with an optical image stabilizer. Additionally, a small microphone and a flash LED are added.

The great novelty of this iPhone 8 is that it will also have a wireless recharge (sold separately) by adopting an electromagnetic induction system. Regarding the battery, there are not many new features but there is certainly some extra time since there is the OLED display and will certainly be more powerful (about 2.800 mAh).

Touch ID and design

The first doubt on the touch ID is surely that where it actually will be. Of the searches most likely made, the touch ID will not be placed at the back and hence it is assumed to be positioned at the same location as the other iPhones. However, there is no physical button for the unlock, but it will be the facial recognition that will unlock the phone.

Another hypothesis is to incorporate the touch IDs on the ignition switch located on the side of the phone.

It is believed that the ignition key of this new Apple device will be twice the size of other iPhones key to support our finger entirely.

Most likely the front and back sides will be in the glass with the sides in steel. The size of this latest smartphone of the latest Apple generation is not yet defended, but it is assumed to be about 140.60 x 70.92 x 7.48mm.