OnePlus 5 offers a lot of features in the under $500 price range. For that price, you get Snapdragon 835 SoC, a 3300 mAh battery, a lightning fast fingerprint scanner and a dual camera. The phone was released officially on June 27, 2017. Since its release, it got decent comments by users worldwide and people are comparing it to the likes of Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 despite the fact that the phone costs much less. However, there are complaints about a very basic feature that every phone has. Owners of Oneplus 5 are reporting rebooting issue whenever they try to call any Emergency Number.

Details about this news

As Reddit says, multiple OnePlus 5 owners have complained online about the rebooting issue, saying that their phone starts rebooting whenever they try to Call 911 or any other emergency number. As The Next Web reports, there are speculations that this may be happening because of enhanced services of 911 that deal with the smartphone's GPS.

Countries affected by this bug

Although this issue is only reported in the U.S., there is at least one British user who reported the same problem whenever he tries to call 999. Other than that, this bug does not seem to be universal but the percentage of U.S. users affected by this problem is alarmingly high.

Android Police tried to reach out to OnePlus to get their comments but they preferred not to discuss the matter openly.

Rather they replied with a formal message that ''Every user who is experiencing this problem must contact us at OnePlus support''. They are looking hesitant to talk about it much as it could cause distress among the phone's users. Hopefully, they will share further information about this bug when it gets fixed.

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Phones previously affected by reboot issue

When it comes to reboot issues related to emergency services, OnePlus 5 isn't unique. There were other smartphones in the past that had reported the same issue. Even Nexus phones were the victims of the same glitch.

Even though this matter might be taken lightly by people, a person in emergency who uses OnePlus 5 as their main phone would find this bug extremely annoying.

These are the very basic features that the phones are made for. In order to ask for help when you are in danger, you must have a phone in your hand that is capable of connecting you with police or other official authority. So in order to win the trust of people and to bring emergency call services back, OnePlus should make efforts to fix that bug as quickly as possible and should share further information about the issue to remove potential concerns of people about the phone.