Apple’s flagship device — the iconic iPhone completed a 10-year milestone recently. To mark this occasion, the company held a special event to recollect fond memories regarding the development of the device. Wishing iPhone its 10th birthday, Apple’s original software keyboard creator, Ken Kocienda said that the iPhone was among the greatest projects to work on, and the team members he has worked with were just as splendid.

The original prototype

As reported by Daily Mail, Kocienda took to Twitter to post an image of the early prototypes of the original iPhone device.

In the post, he revealed that the devices were lying in his desk drawer at Apple for years. He further wrote that parting from these devices dubbed ‘Wallabies’ was extremely difficult for him. Apple has sold over one billion iPhone devices since the time it first launched the original iPhone back on June 29, 2007.

The original iPhone was introduced without an App Store. Design-wise, the original iPhone sported a rather clunky look. Nevertheless, as time passed by and technological advancements took place, the iPhone started becoming smaller and slimmer. The Daily Mail report claims that the iPhone family is perhaps the world’s most famous smartphone at the moment. The company has come a long way since the launch of the new device.

In fact, the original iPhone even struggled with sales initially.

How did it all begin?

In a recent discussion at the Computer History Museum Former Apple Executive, Scott Forstall explained the origins of the iPhone concept. He said that the iPhone began when Steve Jobs (former CEO of Apple) started disliking a member from Microsoft.

This person in question was married to a friend of Steve Jobs’ wife, Laurene Powell Jobs. Steve Jobs would often meet the Microsoft member at social occasions. At that time, the Microsoft staffer would often brag about how Microsoft was capable of fixing laptops, tablets, and styluses and how the Microsoft innovation was the best in the market.

He would rub it in Jobs’ face and that’s what motivated the latter to come up with something of his own.

According to another report by Wired, Former Apple developer Tony Fadell stated that the iPhone was actually was a result of several other projects put together. Apple is now expected to launch its iPhone 8 device in September and chances are, it will steal the show just like it does every other year. For more tech update, stay tuned.