Technology in the form of products and services makes life easier. One of the forms of technological boons that make conversation in our day-to-day lives much easier is Smart Reply. The feature is currently available on Gmail Inbox and Allo.

For the unfamiliar, both Allo and Gmail come with three pre-decided responses to an emailed question or a chat, which has been sent to the Inbox or Allo. Users can use any one of these pre-decided answers to be sent as a response. This not only saves time but gives the user an option for an appropriate response.

In a recent development, Google shared that Smart Replies are now available in Spanish for iOS and Android versions of Gmail and Allo.

What is Smart Reply? Is the feature useful?

In a May blog post, Google stated that the feature of Smart Reply saves time. According to Google, one can easily go through their emails while on the go. However, replying to those emails are a different ball game altogether, as it takes time and concentration on the part of the user. The Smart Reply feature in technology provides the user with preloaded or pre-decided quick responses that the sender can use in a jiffy to reply to answer to his/her emails and texts. According to Google the Smart Reply feature already covers 12 percent of the replies that are used in Inbox on mobile.

However, it is wise to say that many of these pre-decided messages not only sound fake and robotic but also lacks a personal touch of the sender.

Smart Reply comes in Spanish

Google took to its official Twitter account on Tuesday, July 25, to announce the arrival of the feature in Spanish for the Inbox by Gmail and Allo on both Android and iOS powered devices.

While it is a development for users who use their primary language as Spanish, it is advisable to ensure that the response one chooses through Smart Reply makes sense and also sound real rather than fake.

The options come up if and when a person sends a question to the user via Gmail Inbox or Allo. For instance, if a colleague queries which day you prefer for a meet for the presentation, Smart Reply will come up with three pre-decided responses that are apt.

The user has the option to choose any one of the three prompted replies to mail to their colleague or sender.

Phone Ärena gave some useful advice on the matter, writing, "We do suggest that if you use Smart Reply, check to make sure that the response you select not only makes sense, but also includes the answer that you want to respond with."

It remains to be seen if Google introduces any other language options in the near term for the handy and time-saving feature. Which language would you like to see the feature come in?