Owners of some Oneplus 5 devices reported a serious issue with the OnePlussmartphone, which left them unable to call 911 or Emergency Services. The Verge carried the story that said customers reported that their handset would immediately reboot when they dialed the emergency number. This led to a severe backlash from OnePlus handset users who demanded the company fix the issue and also give some sort of explanation regarding the problem.

Now, after releasing the update, the company representatives have finally offered fans a better understanding of what was really happening with the smartphone when the emergency number was being dialed.

It seems that the problem centered around OnePlus’ and Qualcomm’s chipset that powers the OnePlus 5. Now, the issue has been fixed for all users globally with the update.

What really happened?

Last week, some users noticed that they could not call up emergency services on their OnePlus 5. One user who faced this difficulty recorded a video of the device automatically rebooting when the 911 number was dialed. This was a serious issue which could have endangered the lives of people, had it not been discovered so soon and reported. The video of the OnePlus malfunctioning was posted online.

Many other users also started reporting the same issue on their units as well, leading to the confirmation that the problem was widespread and many people could not call up emergency services from the device.

However, some users said that their handsets were not infected with this dangerous bug and that they were able to call up 911 without any difficulty.

People from Europe also started reporting that they faced the same issue when they dialed 112, which is the number for emergency services in those countries. The global outcry quickly reached OnePlus and the company spokesperson assured fans that the company was looking into the issue and would come out with a fix as soon as they determined what was causing the problem.

Just days after this announcement, OnePlus released an update on July 21 for all its OnePlus 5 devices across the globe. This update was only meant to address the 911 issue on the flagship smartphones. However, on Tuesday, July 25, a moderator at OnePlus’s forum revealed what caused the problem in the first place.

What caused the 911 problem?

The company said that this problem arose from a modem memory usage issue for people using the VoLTE network. In these connections, the OTDOA protocol was automatically initiated upon placing a call to 911. The company also revealed that they worked closely with Qualcomm to come up with the solution and implement it through the update.