The action camera manufacturer, GoPro, has rolled out a new feature for the GoPro Android as well as the iOS app. The feature is dubbed as the QuikStories. The function can create custom made movies from the Hero5 or even from the Hero5 Session.

GoPro founder and CEO, Nick Woodman, made it known that the QuikStories feature is the company’s biggest leap forward since they launched GoPro cameras. The new feature is the simple solution that their customers have been dreaming about. The new feature of GoPro is an absolute game changer as it natively lives within the application for Android and iOS devices.

The feature can easily be used as long as users coupled their Hero5 or Hero5 Session camera with their mobile device and the GoPro app.

QuikStories feature

After capturing sufficient amount of the footages, GoPro users will have to drag down to the camera app as well as QuikStory feature, and it will automatically copy the video clips to the smartphone. The new feature will then automatically edit the videos into a movie, polished with filters, music, and special effects.

However, users can still further edit and customize the generated movie. Users can add different music, filters, and text. Also, the length of the movies can be adjusted. Any stored footage on the handset can also be added to the QuikStory generated video.

Engadget pointed out that GoPro already has a separate app (Quik app), where users can edit the footages into short videos. Nonetheless, the advantage of the QuikStory feature is that it is available on the main GoPro app and the new feature will able to generate movies by itself. Aside from that, the feature integrates with most of the social networks a person already have on their handset.

GoPro's new feature removes video-editing roadblock

Nevertheless, according to The Verge, GoPro’s new feature is Quik app’s improvement. The difference is that the new feature is removing all the initial steps that block in getting the algorithmically compiled edits. Now, GoPro Hero 5 users can automatically send footage to a smartphone and Quikstory will start editing without the user even touching the app.

There’s also a catch while using the QuikStories feature. The action camera manufacturer advises users to have more than 20 percent of battery life on their cameras. If users aren’t mindful, the Hero5 could turn off while transferring videos. But, GoPro users can disable the automatic transfers.

In spite of that, the QuikStory feature is already available; users can update their camera app for Android and iOS.

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