Oneplus released its OnePlus 5 a few weeks back and users have been mostly happy with the handsets performance and specs for the most part. However, the company’s flagship offering for 2017 also suffered from critical bugs and glitches, which have frustrated some of its users. These glitches did not hit all of the handsets but were severe enough for the company to acknowledge them and release updates to fix them.

A few days back, people complained that their OnePlus 5 suffered from a jelly scrolling effect. The Chinese company claimed that the jelly scrolling effect was not a bug but an intentional feature which OnePlus had used in the handset.

However, after the complaints continued, the company finally accepted that it was an issue and assured fans that a future update would be released to address the problem.

911 dialing issue

Just days after the jelly scrolling controversy, users found another problem. However, this time it was much more serious and needed an immediate fix to be released. Some users discovered that they could not dial emergency services on their OnePlus 5. A user first noticed it while dialing 911 from the handset and claimed that his OnePlus 5 kept rebooting when he would dial the emergency number.

Soon, a Reddit thread was started where other OnePlus 5 users also confirmed that they were facing the same issue with their handsets as well. European users also reported that calls to 112, which is the emergency number for those countries, would also not get connected and the device would instead switch off and then restart.

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OnePlus executives assured fans and users that it was looking into the problem and would be coming up with a fix for the same soon.

Update rolling out to fix the issue

It was later revealed that Android smartphones from other OEMs also faced a similar issue and the problem was not specific to the OnePlus 5. However, the Chinese company was very rapid in taking the necessary action as they contacted the first person who encountered the problem and who also started the Reddit thread. On Thursday, July 20 the company also announced that an update for the issue started rolling out to all the users which should solve the emergency dialing issue.

The OTA update should arrive at all the regions of the world soon and can be downloaded when the update notification flashes across the OnePlus 5. If the notification does not arrive, users can also manually check for the update by navigating to Settings and then to System Updates. Even though the issue was a major one, OnePlus’s quick response may have helped save its reputation this time.