Carl Pei, one of the co-founders of Oneplus shared an interesting fact mere hours after the launch of the Company’s OnePlus 5. Pei shared that OnePlus 5 is the company’s “fastest selling device ever.” However, this statement has been made on the basis of the pre-orders the newly-launched smartphone has gathered, and not actual sales figures. The smartphone will hit the shelves on June 27. However, if one is lucky, they can get the device in their hands earlier if they chance up on one of OnePlus’ pop-up events.

What is the sales figure?

Although Pei stated that OnePlus 5 was one of the fastest selling devices of the company, he did not mention the exact number of pre-orders the China-based OEM received for the handset.

However, it is quite obvious that the OEM is pleased with the way its flagship smartphone was received by consumers. Although the handset is the most-expensive OnePlus device till date, buyers from all over the world appear to be happy with what the smartphone has to offer.

Why is the company so successful?

One of the major reasons behind the company’s success, and subsequently OnePlus 5, is the company’s loyal user base. The OEM has maintained a direct contact with all its users and fans with the help of its message boards, as well as social media. To illustrate, in October 2016, Pei asked people on Twitter if they still want headphone jacks on their smartphones. The response was overwhelming and mostly positive, which why OnePlus decided to retain the feature in its latest device, despite other leading OEMs such as Apple doing away with the headphone jack.

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Although OnePlus does not release sales figures, in recent years, it has seen an increase in its sales from model-to-model and the company became profitable in 2016. The reason why OnePlus continues to grow is because its upgrades are aimed specifically at improving the device rather than outdoing leading OEMS such as Samsung or Apple.

Apart from that, unlike other OEMs, it focuses on one single product at a time. By comparison, the company’s rivals develop, launch, and release several devices for different target audiences within a short span. It seems that the company is poised to continue this trend for the foreseeable future and not offer multiple products in a short window. Whether the OnePlus 5 will help the company capture a substantial chunk of the hotly-contested smartphone space remains to be seen.