Nintendo released its quarterly earnings statement on July 26, Wednesday and highlighted that the gaming console manufacturing company has sold 4.7 million units of the Switch console to date. In terms of sales for a gaming title, "ARMS" has already been purchased by more than one million consumers. With these numbers we see Nintendo Switch continuing its strong market position in the gaming world.

Nintendo releases quarterly earnings report for its investors

According to Nintendo, through the period from April to June, 2017, the title “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” released for the Switch garnered good response and sold 3.54 million units all over the world.

“ARMS” rolled out in June and also had a good start with 1.18 million units being sold worldwide. Apart from these two gaming titles, “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” - which was unveiled in the previous quarter - continues to do well and sold 1.16 million units globally and 3.92 million units in total considering the figures of the April-June quarter.

In all, the sales figure for the Switch and gaming titles came to 1.97 million units and 8.14 million units, respectively. While Nintendo hardware sales has seen an increase by 1 percent on a year-to-year comparison as the sales figure in 2017 rose by 0.95 million units, the software section has seen a slump of 31 percent on an year-to-year comparative.

However, the company saw steady growth in the sales figures of digital version of downloadable content and packaged software released for the Switch.

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On a year-to year basis, this segment saw an increase of 41 percent. The Japanese company also stated that the “Fire Emblem Heroes” and the “Super Mario Run” were the most popular and played game on smartphones in this quarter. Both the games were released during the last fiscal year. Apart from these businesses, the firm’s IP and smart device related income has also seen a rise of 450 percent compared to last year.

New games coming for the console

Apart from informing its investors of the quarterly earnings that Nintendo acquired from all over the world, the firm also announced that is has decided to release the title “Splatoon 2” in the market in July and “Super Mario Odyssey” in October. Apart from these, the company will be releasing the new 2DS XL as a new addition to its hardware lineup all over the world. The release is scheduled to take place in July and June. In terms of software, the firm will be releasing “Hey! Pikmin” in July along with thePokémon Ultra Sun” and “Pokémon Ultra Moon” in November this year.