Nintendo has rolled out the latest update for its Switch gaming console. The update does not come with major changes but brings numerous improvements gamers have wanted for a while. Nintendo’s support page states that the Switch Gaming console will “automatically download the most recent system update while it is connected online.” However, one can verify the current version (along with changes) and manually download the update from the System Settings menu if they so wish. The Nintendo Switch’s update is version 3.0.0.

Switch update 3.0.0: what changes does it bring?

With the new update coming for the console, users would be able to register a channel so as to receive news for his/her favorite games.

To do so, they would have to head over to the News option and simply select Find Channels. Post the update, users will also be able to add their friends from their Nintendo 3DS and Wii U friend lists onto the Switch gaming system. To add their friends, a user will have to navigate to My Page (located on the top left of the Home Menu) and select Friend Suggestions.

What’s the use of adding friends if you do not know if they are online? Nintendo has a solution for that as well. Post the update, a user will receive notifications whenever his/her friends come online. However, if one does not want to be disturbed by notifications while in the middle of a game, the user can simply disable it by using the ON/OFF toggle button in the Friend Notifications option.

What else will gamers welcome?

The new update will help gamers find their paired controllers, but only if they are located within the communication range. They would be able to locate the controllers with the help of the new vibration feature. To search for the controllers, go to option Controllers and select Find Controllers. The users will also be able to change the user icon on the Home Menu of the Switch.

To change the icon they would have to go to the Settings > Users > Change Order. There the users will be given an option to choose from 6 new “Splatoon 2” characters for their user icon. If at any time the user wants to edit the icon, they can go to the top left part of the screen and select My Page, head over to Home Menu > Profile. Additionally, the update will also allow the user to adjust the volume from the Quick Settings, change the display colors to either Grayscale or Invert Colors, update connected controllers, and more.

With so many new and exciting improvements, users will be pleased.

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