There have been a lot of rumors and speculations regarding AMD’s upcoming Radeon Vega Gpu cards ever since the company confirmed their plans of launching the same. To add to the pile of already-existing leaks, a new report seems to provide more information regarding the upcoming chips. The new piece of information is quite crucial as it gives fans an idea of what they can expect and whether AMD’s upcoming product will be worth the wait.

As reported by Tech Radar, AMD has already announced its Radeon Vega Frontier Edition for the professional market earlier last month. The new line-up of GPUs is especially targeted towards data scientists, professionals of all kinds and basic consumers in general.

The firm is still expected to introduce another version of the same, made especially for ardent gamers. Since the time, the company confirmed that they were in fact working on a new version especially for the gamers – the leaks regarding the same have been non-stop. The report suggests that sources close to the matter relating to AMD’s next launch spoke to Tom’s Hardware and further went on to reveal that they will be introducing four different reference boards for the same.

The chip will come in two versions

There will be different categories for different sectors of the market. The high-end model is expected to be called Radeon Vega XTX. The aforementioned model will come in two different versions namely, air-cooled version and the other one, water-cooled version. This will be similar to the Frontier Edition one.

It goes without saying that the water-cooled version of AMD’s Radeon Vega XTX will be way more expensive than the air-cooled one. It was also further revealed that the Amd Radeon Vega XTX water-cooled version will run at a TDP of 375W. However, the air-cooled one simply runs on a TDP of 285W. Apart from this, there will be a low-end model of the upcoming AMD Radeon-based GPUs and it is expected to be called Vega XL. However, it will only be available in the air-cooled version that features a TDP of 285W. It is enough to satisfy the general needs of the public.

GPU's specs are cutting-edge

Furthermore, it has also been revealed that AMD’s upcoming set of GPUs will come packed with 8GB of HBM2 storage. The company is expected to launch these products at the SIGGRAPH event of 2017 that is scheduled to take place on July 30th in Las Vegas. However, the aforementioned information hasn’t been confirmed by the company as yet.