Cloud computing has obviously done much to consumers so it hardly comes as a surprise that Microsoft has benefitted. The recent earnings report pretty much showed that, leaving most to ponder on the status of the highly anticipated Windows Phone.

Apparently, Windows Mobile has been shunned at least for now with Microsoft has now placed emphasis on a new mantra – “intelligent cloud and intelligent edge.” With profits doubling, it hardly seems surprising.

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So whatever happened to the old mantra of “mobile first, cloud first”?

Phone business is declining

For some time now, Microsoft has not invested that much in the mobile phone segment.

Hence, it hardly comes as a surprise that the company has suffered a decline in revenue. With their mobile devices struggling against the big boys, has the Redmond company diverted its business outlook?

Right now it seems hard to comprehend. The fact is Microsoft showed so much promise, including that jab by CEO Satya Nadella on the Windows Phone. The mobile version was highly touted to carry some features that the Microsoft Surface Pro series had, something many are eagerly awaiting.

Right now, however, it seems the rise of cloud-computing has been the new focus. Microsoft phones are hardly found on the company’s site, hinting that attention has now gone a different route. At least that is what seems to be the case with all efforts looming to be diverted to expanding the cloud computing services under Microsoft’s wing.

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Temporarily flatlined

By all accounts, the Microsoft Windows Phone is technically dead. Microsoft is expected to prioritize the commodity that brings in the money. Hence, it is understandable why Nadella and company would build on that moving forward.

Believing however that the Windows Phone and other mobile devices are no longer in the mix would be foolish. Cloud and software services are neat but expanding that to include mobile devices is still something that would work for the company.

Pushing the product

The breakthrough of the Cloud Services is something but Microsoft may be overlooking something when it comes to pushing their mobile devices. The lack of marketing and groundbreaking features could be one reason why this part is on the decline so Microsoft may want to broaden its business strategy.

The Microsoft Surface Pro has stocked up a big lead, one reason why the company has held off an update for the celebrated hybrid. The phone version is however different and something that needs some backing. Looking at it as a mini tablet or hybrid is not enough –meaning efforts to build a new segment can add to the earnings if Nadella and his group play their cards right.

Some say the Windows Phone is dead which may be true. But at some point in the future, that could be an opportunity lost with Microsoft too caught up with the moment with the success of their cloud solutions.