Microsoft will soon release its most powerful console, Xbox One X, in a couple of month’s time. While the upcoming console will soon have its debuts worldwide, the company continues to work on its new features and supports which fans cannot ask for more.

New feature in the Xbox One X revealed

The Vice President of Xbox and Windows gaming platform, Mike Ybarra, added more hype feelings to the fans regarding on the arrival of the new console, saying that the One X has a lot of potential capacities with its Xbox Game Pass, Cross-Network Play, and other features that await Xbox’s fans.

Furthermore, Ybarra claimed that they are improving the player’s interface with the console. These changes should not only mean that the company will level up Xbox One X’s visual capability but also its ability to run at higher speed and furnished with a unique design.

Recently, WCCF Tech revealed new updates on the console, saying that a social network user asked Mike about the profits of the One X for streamers. The vice president replied that the console’s USB ports would be compatible with webcams as it included third party supports.

When it comes to connecting some of the Xbox games from the external drive to the Xbox One X, Mike said that the console would possess a way that will make the installation much easier, using play devices and plug.

Fans can expect the most powerful consoles on November 7 with the price tag of $499. Hence, the One X will allow fans to play a large catalog of games in 4k due to the series of free updates that various games will have.

PlayStation 5 released date is in doubt

For the last few months, many statements claimed that Sony is planning to release their newest console PlayStation 5 soon.

However, Sony’s CEO Shawn Layden said that the console release date is still way off.

Hence, the latest interview with the Sony’s head of marketing department Jim Ryan, which was revealed by Express has caused more doubts on the PS5 platform and its release date. In the interview with the Edge Magazine, Ryan suggested that the company is planning to deliver another PlayStation 4 Pro style instead.

Ryan also said that the culture of a regular update of smartphones and tablets is indeed a decent mindset. He promised that there would never be a 13-year cycle update like the PS2 once had as the company is creating a platform that comes with a delicate ecosystem for the previous console's games.

When pointed towards the Xbox One X versus PS4 Pro issue, Jim claimed that the only way for the company to move forward is to start embracing innovations like the PlayStation Now. He said that the PS Now features new services and operates with advanced hardware.