Google Glass's commercial run may have ended on a sour note, but the Alphabet-owned company is now planning to release a similar device for enterprises. The Google Glass was launched back in 2013 and was believed to be the revolutionary concept and technology which would change computing forever. However, what people got instead was a weird looking device which could very easily be used to invade someone's privacy, without them ever knowing about it.

The product failed to make it in the market mainly due to a host of problems in its design but also due to the immensely high price at which it was being retailed.


$1500 was simply too high a price for people to pay for an eye wear, which they would look silly wearing in public. Production of the Google Glass ceased back in 2015 after it failed to take off.

Google planning to launch the wearable

After its spectacular failure in the consumer market, Google has now decided to launch the device exclusively to corporations and enterprises. The company has likely come to the realization that all of its drawbacks in the consumer market do not translate to similar disadvantages when it comes to the business sector.

For one, the product can no longer be said to invade the privacy of the people around. Similarly, the design, which looks weird if worn when walking down the road, does not look that strange in an office environment.

In fact, companies like Boeing, GE, and DHL have already deployed the Google Glass Enterprise Edition to many of their factories in the United States. However, the launch of this new and improved Google Glass has been limited, to say the least. It was reported that most companies have only ordered around hundred of these units and that too, on a trial basis.

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However, parent company Alphabet has said that the Google Glass was seen as an experiment the last time around that it was launched. Now, it is no longer an experiment and is instead a full on the product launch for the business sector. If early reports are to be believed, the Glass is already receiving positive feedback from users in the different factories. It is said to be increasing efficiency and output from employees.

Improvements to the wearable

The Enterprise Edition offers some upgrades from the earlier Google Glass for the consumer market.

Firstly, the camera housed in the device is now 8-megapixel and not the 5-megapixel sensor. Additionally, a red light will be turned on when users start recording a video using the glass. An improved processor, battery life, and Wi-Fi are also in tow in the new Google Glass.