As strange as it may sound, Google has just released an update for its Google Glass Wearable for the first time since October of 2014. The wearable came into existence some years back and back then was believed by many to be a revolutionary piece of technology. However, the overly-expensive product never really struck a chord with the general public and production was stopped soon.

It is not yet unknown why the company has suddenly revived support for the wearable after almost three years. Some believe that it is a way of sending out a message that the company is trying to bring back the technology in some way.

If that is indeed the case, Google is remaining tight-lipped about it at the moment.

Update for Google Glass

The changelog of the update reveals that for some unknown reason Google has added Bluetooth support to its Glasses. Folks at Android Police have reported that after the update rolled out, they were able to get a wireless Bluetooth keyboard to partially work with the Google Glass, so it seems the update really did add this functionality to the device. The update also allegedly brings several bug fixes and performance enhancements to the now defunct product.

However, the recent update still begs to ask the question as to why Google is bothering with updating a device which is hardly used by anyone.

It seems that the company is perhaps teasing the launch of a similar product soon with this update. There have been many patents from Google related to devices of this kind in the recent memory, which suggests that the company is perhaps looking to launch a second version of the Glasses to eke out certain issues which bugged the users the first time around.

Now that the Google Assistant is a fully functional program, along with other wearable software from the company, such as the Android Wear operating system, it may make some sense to release a second version of the Google Glass. However, the same concerns which plagued the release of the first device would still be an issue for the next iteration of the Google Glass.

Why did Google Glass fail?

The Glasses raised a lot of privacy concerns for people who were justifiably afraid of having their privacy compromised by a person wearing these Glasses, as they allowed users to take pictures and capture videos. The fact that Google Glass’s design looked awful also did not help matters. In fact, the design was such that anybody could identify that the wearer had the Glasses on. Apart from this the $1500 price tag was also responsible for the product’s failure.