The release of the highly anticipated iPhone 8 will be further delayed, new reports predict. Some of the latest technology advancements to be featured in the new phone are not yet ready and analysts speculate that production will require four more weeks.

Does Apple need 4 more weeks?

The latest update for the next generation iPhone says the shipment will be further pushed back. A three-to-four-week delay is foreseen for the shipping of the new gadget. According to analysts Stefano Pascale and Wamsi Mohan, which was reported by CNBC, they had communicated with the Supply Chain of Apple during their trip in Asia recently.

Unfortunately, the tech giant has encountered technical issues resulting in a delayed release. However, Apple and its partners are doing their best now to settle the matter to improve shipment schedule.


What is causing the delay?

According to the analysts, Apple has encountered significant problems with some of the features of the new iPhone 8. The iPhone 7 successor is coming out with a 3-D and fingerprint sensors and both features are reportedly having some issues.

Apple will have to fix and ensure settlement of the technical issues. Since the new smartphone is not yet ready with its features, the launch date will have to be delayed further.

Due to the predicted delay, Bank of America Merrill Lynch has made a revised forecast for the new iPhone.

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According to Lynch, Apple will probably just ship about 11 million units of the new model this year.

In another report, Fast Company claims sources have revealed that Apple is aiming to launch the iPhone 8 with a rear-facing 3D laser system. This new feature will be placed at the back of the new model.

This latest 3D system is beneficial for augmented reality apps, which the new phone is offering. It allows the gadget to detect with better depth. It also provides accuracy in autofocus, in terms of photography.

The source also mentioned that the new sensor system is called VSCEL laser system and will cost an additional $2 to the phone. It is composed of a detector, lens, processor and a source (which is the VCSEL laser).


It calculates the length of distance that light will travel beginning from the laser up to the subject in focus, and then back to the sensor. This calculation will result in a Time of Flight (TOF) measurement.

The tipster also noted that this system is planned to be featured in the upcoming iPhone to celebrate its 10th anniversary, which is speculated to be the iPhone 8 or the iPhone Pro.

Meanwhile, the company has not released any official statement confirming the launch of the new model. However, speculations abound predicting it will most likely make its debut in September, following the company’s historical pattern of releasing a new model.